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Speaker Business Building Bundle - Grow Your Speaking Business

Speaker Business Building Bundle

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Speaker biz bundle

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Finding speaking gigs

Kit: Finding the right speaking gigs [$7]

successful speaker

Kit: Recurring $60k from one speaking gig [$7]

speaker proposal creator

Speaker Proposal Creator. Proposal done in minutes [$9]

Planner page

Kit: Meeting planner page [$7]

Price your speaking

Kit: Price your speaking [$7]

speaker onesheets

Kit: Create your one sheet [$27]

Template pack

Speaker marketing template pack #1 [$39]

Charli Jane Speakers Club

Find your niche, find your audience course [$17]

Speaker Marketing Templates Pack

Speaker marketing templates pack #3 [$21]

Email proposal template to send to planners [$9]

Speaker marketing templates pack #2 [$21]

Speaking lead organizer

Speaking lead organizer for your speaking leads [$4]

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speaker vidoe

Kit: Create a professional speaker video demo [$7]

How to get testimonials for speaking business

Kit: How speakers can get testimonials [$7]

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