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Mini Learning Courses for Speakers and Coaches - Grow Your Speaking Business

Mini Learning Courses for Speakers and Coaches

Why mini learning courses for Speakers and Coaches?

Sometimes, we all need information to move us forward. Sometimes, too, we don’t have time to sit down to study for hours or to wait for the launches which only come a few times per year. Those programs are awesome and many can help you push your career forward. For those of you in a time-crunch with an immediate need to increase your know-how, Charli Jane Speakers is proud to announce we will now offer “bite-sized” mini-courses. Work at your own pace. Work in your own space. Work on the go. Work in between other work. Get it done and get booked!

Learning in this format, you will get more done in less time with less money, less frustration, fewer other things piling up while you concentrate on growing your business-building knowledge.

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