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Sexy Selling Speaker Onesheet Project - Grow Your Speaking Business

Sexy Selling Speaker Onesheet Project

Sexy, Selling, Speaker Onesheet Project

Wendi McNeill, founder of Charli Jane Speakers has been designing onesheets for speakers since 2005. 

She now teaches you how to easily create your own onesheet at the fraction of the cost of hiring a designer. No special training needed, simply download the free tool (Canva) at and you are set to go!

The video trainings are in very doable steps and it’s recommended to start with video 1 and work your way through to video 6. 

Provided in this project: 

  • (6) Video Trainings
  • Action Plan Worksheet (we recommend you print and fill it out before you start the project)
  • Done for You! Canva template you can customize and use as you go through the training

Happy Crafting!

Speaker Onesheet

Start Crafting Your Sexy, Selling, Speaker Onesheet Today!