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Speaker Video Search Tool - Grow Your Speaking Business

Speaker Video Search Tool

Wendi McNeillHi there! Wendi here and I have an awesome NEW Bonus for all Charli Jane Speaker members, so excited about this!

We have just added this powerful and unbelievably cool SEARCH TOOL to our website! And…

you won’t find this anywhere else in the speaking industry…

And as a member you will be added to this incredible tool that will help get you booked!

We have installed a search box on the website (under our speaker directory) where a meeting planner can enter a term(s) that they are looking for in a speaker for their next event and up pops a 1-minute video of that speaker! 

We are currently adding all our members to this search tool so you won’t find them all yet. 

Simple steps to get added:

  1. Record on your phone (horizontal view is best)
  2. Introduce yourself and talk slow because your words are being transcribed and pulled into the video search tool
  3. Use terms and topics that you feel a planner will search when looking for you for their next event.
  4. All videos are final, and we can’t re-do them so take your time but do get it done so you don’t miss out.
  5. We can only use 1-minute videos max so be mindful of the time. We will have to send back any that are over even 1 minute.
  6. Please add either your phone number at the end or your URL so they can find you.
  7. Once done, save it and send to or to Wendi via messenger

Once we get your video, we will get it indexed into the search tool.

To see how this cool tool works try some of the terms below and watch the MAGIC happen! 🌟 

Terms you can enter below: Productivity, Tedx, Strong habits, Focus, Ellen Goodwin, Productive, Alabama, Personal performance, Air force, Financial, Career success, Darlene Corbett, Donny Ingram , Hypnotherapist, Behavior habits.