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The Charli Jane Speakers Club offers services and tools to help YOU grow your speaking business.

What do you offer?

Speaking Opportunities

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Our most popular benefit is the 200 new speaking opportunities each month!

That’s huge!

Right now how do you find speaking opportunities? Do you scour the web, read magazines and papers in your industry, keep an eye on the associations that serve your target audience. Do you spy on your competition, sign up on email lists, watch bulletin boards, and compile lists of when conferences usually are held so that you know when to start looking at each organization’ website for their dates for upcoming events.  And when a call for presenters is issued — leap on it!

This is your job!  This is the homework you need to do to stay in circulation.  No excuses!

I know it’s not easy.  I know you’re busy. 

I know you would like to do other things, like create info products, or online courses to supplement your speaking gigs.

So let me make this so easy for you, a no-brainer!

I help lots of speakers like you get booked.  And I’ll let you in on how I make it easier.

If you wanted to send out 10 or 20 proposals a week how many hours would it take for you to locate those opportunities? What would you pay to have someone else do all that dirty work for you? Tirelessly? Without needing you to babysit them? Every week?

Welcome to the Charli Jane Speakers Club

What if there were just ONE place to go where you could find dozens — No, hundreds! — of NEW speaking opportunities every month?  Would that keep you busy?

The Charli Jane Speakers club is a central place, exclusive to a special subset of Charli Jane clients, where new speaking gigs are listed.

I guarantee it’s a lot less work for our Charli Jane members to just look in one place to browse speaking opportunities and shoot off emails to land gigs.

Rather than you pounding the pavement to find the next opportunity to get on stage, our team puts together 50 new speaking opportunities every week!

That’s 200 (sometimes more) NEW opportunities laid at our members’ feet every single month. Their fuzzy-bunny-slippered feet, I might add.  No pavement-pounding required.

So, if you were to grab our Speaker Proposal Generator (found in the club), brandishing your new Email Template, and with full access to the speaking engagement amusement park of our Speakers club — you’ll be ready to break a leg and book your schedule full, year after year!

It’s so simple, all you have to do is push a button and we’ll start laying opportunities at your fuzzy-bunny-slippered feet 🙂

Let me break it down for you:

  1. Search the database of new leads each week to find 10-20 you want to submit that week
  2. Load up your SPG (speaker proposal generator) page and start creating your proposal
  3. Brand it with your logo or letterhead
  4. Customize your email template with our Incredibly Classy Attention-Grabbing Email Template
  5. Attach your proposal & send

So easy you’re done before your coffee is cold.

Of course, you should really research each event you are submitting a proposal for to help you accurately “fill-in-the-blanks” on the Email template you’ll be using. How else can you connect with the reader (the planner) and show that you know their audience (because you researched)?  So your coffee will still be warm, as long as you pour a couple extra cups.

But wait, there’s more …

Not only do you get 200 (or more!) speaking opportunities per month, you get a whole gaggle of gifts as a Charli Jane Speaker.

Lots n’ lots of goodies to help you grow your speaking biz!

* Web profile listing in our 15-year established speaker directory

* We promote you on our social media platforms

* A live & private community of speakers

* Tools to help grow your speaking business

* And with the annual membership option, we’ll design you a Onesheet

If you’re ready to fill your speaking schedule, you can have access to the 200 speaking opportunities as soon as you join the Charli Jane Speaker family.

Learn more here … see you in the club!



Founder & Owner of Charli Jane Speakers


‘MyDavid Avrin speaking fee for this presentation alone will justify my Charli Jane membership for many years to come. I just booked a great speaking gig for the International Spa Association (ISPA) conference in Las Vegas in October.” – David Avrin – The Visibility Coach – It’s Not Who You Know – It’s Who Knows You!


Larry Stybel

“This is our one year anniversary as a member of Charli Jane. Thanks to you we were able to combine business and vacation with a trip to Sydney, Australia for me and my wife. Fabulous experience. Thank you!” ~ Laurence J. Stybel, Ed.D. Stybel Peabody Lincolnshire | Board Options, Inc.

Kathleen Paris“It is a pleasure to recommend Wendi McNeill she is a professional through and through. She is generous with her time, feedback and always delivers a quality service. She knows the world of growing your speaking business and promoting. Always goes out of her way to help her speakers. I have always felt that she looks out for me as an individual. You will be delighted with the level of service and attention you will receive Charli Jane Speakers” – Kathleen A. Paris, Consultant, Kathleen A. Paris, Ph.D., Management Consultant

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