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6 Milestones for a New Public Speaker

6 Milestones for a New Public Speaker

When you’re serious about becoming a paid speaker, these are the checkpoints that event planners look for — they don’t want to hire someone fresh out of the gate unless they’re really serious and carry through. If you have all of these “ducks in a row” then you’re showing that you’re really serious about becoming a […]

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specialized speaker

A specialized speaker means a fuller schedule

You have already determined your niche, now we want to dig deeper and take another step into being a specialized speaker. It is important to decide who will be your target audience? You have many industries to choose from: the health industry, the fitness industry, to women’s groups and even men’s adventure groups, real estate […]

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speaking gigs

How to get booked

How to Get Booked Public speaking needs one very important thing to be successful: a public to speak to. We know you’ve got some brilliant things to share with your audiences, but we also know it’s hard sometimes to get booked, to fill your schedule with meaningful engagements. No matter how daunting it may seem […]

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Speaker Fatigue

Speaker Fatigue: Don’t wear out your welcome

Speaker Fatigue: Don’t Wear Out Your Welcome While I encourage speakers to utilize mufti-media as much as possible I caution them against speaker fatigue. This is the phenomenon known as booking too may gigs too close together. Not only do you end up regurgitating the same material but you also wear yourself down. Before you know […]

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