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Learn How Your Niche Will Change Your Business

Do you want to get found and booked more often? Niche yourself. No one will bang down your door to be a topic-expert on something that you’re not a topic-expert on. Dig in and create your little nook within the broader topic and immerse yourself in it. Believe it or not, when you niche yourself […]

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Is Your Niche and Audience Creating Crazy Success?

Win Speaking Gigs with a Niche Step into the shoes of a conference organizer.  The overall conference topic is autism.  You need a keynote presenter that will attract both parents and doctors, and you have a nice handsome speaking fee set aside so that you can afford to get an expert related to your topic. […]

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Grow Your Speaking Biz While Planting Sticky Seeds

When I was young my folks were missionaries in Monrovia, Liberia in Africa and ran a home with 33 kids. During our time there, I contracted Malaria and was rushed back to the United States for care. It was very serious, but I pulled through. After being healed, as I grew, there were no lasting […]

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Speaker Website

Does Your Speaker Website Get You Booked?

As the years go so do the masses of people joining the online world and so does the population of new websites grow. With so much to see, read, and sign up for — it makes your head spin. If you’re even fortunate enough that someone lands on your website, you had best be prepared […]

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