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The Charli Jane Speakers Club is my 20-year signature step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to get booked speaking gigs consistently no matter where you live in the world.

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If you want to grow your speaking business and connect with more speaking opportunities, you're in the right place!

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*Limited Time Offer. Cancel Anytime!

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Just $15/weekly

Charli Jane Speakers Club

My Complete System For Getting Booked Speaking Gigs

Templates, spreadsheets, PDF’s, the Booked Solid Success Path framework. Everything you need to secure booked gigs – a proven process since 2005 (value $2497)

Charli Jane Speakers Club

Speaking Opportunities

Get immediate access to approximately 1,000 events that need your proposals today! Plus, 100-150 new speaking leads are added every Monday! Thats 5,200 + opportunities a year! These are for new and seasoned speakers and the topics vary every week. (Value $2497)

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Speaker Marketing Templates

Access to hundreds of marketing templates to help you market and grow your speaking business. Just customize to fit your needs. (Value $797)

Charli Jane Speakers Club

Private Access To The Dynamic Community Of Charli Jane Speaker Members

It is very important to surround yourself with other speakers who are also committed to starting and growing a speaking business.  (Value: $797)

Charli Jane Speakers Club

Incredible Support Daily with the Community and Wendi

Get your questions answered by directly from Wendi  within 24-48 hours. A lot of our members have many questions around starting a business, finding gigs, how to secure them, and just need some guidance. (Value: $2497)

Charli Jane Speakers Club

A FREE Speaker Page in our Speaker Directory

Complete page listing in our 20-year established speaker directory. Get found & Booked! This is also a good place for new speakers to start that have not yet established themselves online yet. (Value $797)


You have access to our VA directory of VAs who work with speakers, Speaker Proposal Creator, Email templates, and more (Value $797)

Total Value: $10,679

Regular Price: $2,997

What Do Our Members Say?

Charli Jane Member Traci Brown – Body Language Expert Keynote Speakers and Champion Athlete

Charli Jane Member Marietta Gentles Crawford, branding strategist, writer, author and speaker

It's Really Simple & Easy To Book Speaking Gigs ... If You Have The Right Tools & You're Following A Gameplan

The Charli Jane Speakers Club Since 2005!

Speakers are needed every day. From conference speakers, business speakers, and speakers for meetings and special events.

I’ve been helping public speakers start and grow their business, get found, and booked solid since 2002 and in the Speakers Club since 2005. Let me show you how.

When you work my proven 4-Phase Booked Solid Success Path, it will have you turning down speaking opportunities because your schedule is full. What would it be like to only say yes to those that matter to you and your goals.

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In the Charli Jane Speakers Club, I teach you how to get planners literally EXCITED to hire you.

The Charli Jane Speakers Club has helped hundreds of speakers get booked. Here are just two results:

Charli Jane testimonials
Charli Jane testimonials

The Charli Jane Speakers Club Really Works If You Work It. No Magic Pills.

I can teach you and provide the tools but you will have to roll up your sleeves and implement what I teach. 

There are no substitutes for hard work. 

If you can do that you will see REAL results, (a.k.a BOOKED GIGS) from the work you do. 

“What you put into it is what you get out of it” – Ravi Hutheesing, Cultural Catalyst and Global Keynote Speaker.

Total Value: $10,679

Regular Price: $2,997

The Charli Jane Speaker Club is for you if you want to create a booked speaking schedule, get on more stages, change more lives and have financial freedom!

“I don’t know what my team would do if we didn’t have Charli Jane Speakers doing all the hard work of finding speaking leads for us. We’re blown away by the quality of speaking opportunities they found. It saves us so much time and pays for itself every year!”

– Beth Ziesenis, Author, Speaker, Nerd

A Note On The Support You Receive in This Club...

Charli Jane Speakers Club

The support in the Charli Jane Speakers Club is second to none since 2005. After you join us you have access to a whole team willing and ready to help you move forward in your speaking business.

You will be able to get your questions answered every single day by our rock solid support team. The Charli Jane Speakers Club isn’t just another “club” to join where you hop into a portal and get lost with no direction or path to be found. Our team is here daily to help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Our support teams #1 goal is to make sure you’re happy and moving forward so you can keep inspiring and sharing your message to those who are desperately waiting to hear it.

A few more fantastic results from our 100's of happy Charli Jane members:

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A Note On Our Community ...

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The community is extremely valuable to our Charli Jane Speaker members. 

Trying to start and grow a speaking business can be very isolating at times, you can get lost, not really know which way to turn and it’s actually dangerous to try and do it by yourself

In the 2 decades I’ve been working with speakers so many get frustrated, throw their hat in and quit way too early because they tried to do it alone. You must have a robust community of friends around you. You must. 

In the Charli Jane Speaker community, we truly are family. Our members, we call them the Charli Jane Tribe, are there to give support, guidance and encouragement. We all are here to cheer you on! We love to hear your wins, we are here to help you brainstorm, to get clarity and to help you grow.

I know it’s not easy. I know you’re busy. That's why I created Charli Jane Speakers® nearly 2 decades ago.
I know what your life is like and what resources you need to grow your speaking business.

“My speaking fee for this presentation alone will justify my Charli Jane membership for many years to come. I just booked a great speaking engagement for the International Spa Association (ISPA) conference in Las Vegas in October. I found the lead through my membership in the club.” 

-David Avrin – Customer Experience & Marketing Speaker and Consultant

“I joined Charli Jane Speakers in 2008. I’m impressed with the monthly listing of 400 paid and gratis national and international speaking leads. Charli Jane Speakers isn’t just a good value, and it’s a great value!”

-Kevin McNulty – Speaker and Author

The Charli Jane Speakers Club is a central place where new speaking leads are listed each week.

What Charli Jane Members Have To Say ...

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The Charli Jane Speakers Club


Total Value: $10,679

Regular Price: $2,997

Charli Jane Speakers Club

When you do the work and stay committed, results can be extraordinary!

How To Afford The
Charli Jane Speakers Club:

I offer a flexible payment plan to help make it doable for you. Remember, there’s no obligation at all to join us. If now is not the right time, I’d love to see you join us later.

Join The Charli Jane Speakers Club for just $15/week & land just 1 gig like member David Avrin who said this:

“My speaking fee for this presentation alone will justify my Charli Jane membership for many years to come. I just booked a gig for the ISPA.”

Using your services resulted in me speaking at the Texas Mental Health and Substance Abuse Conference last year in Austin, TX; John Hopkins University Diversity Leadership Conference last October, and now Health & Safety Canada. Thank you, Wendi and the Charli Jane staff, for making my dreams come true!”

-Paul Lawrence Vann – Motivational Speaker and Author

I just wanted to say thanks for this. I already have two speaking engagements from leads you sent out in the last month!” 

-Gertrude Nonterah, Professional Speaker and Writer

Celebrating more success stories from our happy
Charli Jane Speakers Members

Charli Jane Speakers Club
Charli Jane Speakers Club

Bonus! If you choose the full pay yearly option, you get a speaker one sheet design. This is your #1 marketing tool!

Plus, you will save $200 on the yearly option!

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If you’re ready to access the speaking leads, fill your speaking schedule, and live the life you dream about, then join us in the Club.

You will have access to the 800 + speaking opportunities and my Booked Solid Success Path program (and more) as soon as you join the Charli Jane Speakers Club, plus another 400 new opportunities every month.

See you in the Club and on the stage! 

~ Wendi

P.S. Learn more about Wendi and her story here.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Charli Jane Speakers Club

Where are the speaking leads located?

We are based in the United States and although the majority are in the USA and Canada we do have a handful each week that are international. We like to remind members about 35% of our speaking opportunities are virtual/hybrid so your location will not matter in this case.

I'm new to speaking will the speaking opportunities work for me?

Absolutely! We have new and seasoned speakers in our club. Some of our seasoned speakers have been with us for over 10 years! We have so many different topic areas and in need of so many speakers of different levels that there is always something for everyone.

How long do I have access to the Club?

As long as you want! It's a membership based program so stay as long as you like! 🙂

Do I get direct access to Wendi?

Most definitely Yes! Wendi is in the FB group answering questions and leaving feedback almost every day! You also have access to her via Voxer coaching and we are a very tight knit speaker family that many members reach out to her on FB messenger for a quick question or resource. Wendi does do 1:1 coaching with a handful of speakers and her prices start at $8k/month with a 12-month commitment.

Are there any refunds?

There are no refunds since the Charli Jane Speakers Club is a membership but you can always cancel anytime.

Do you determine who gets hired as a speaker for the events?

No, Charli Jane is not the final decision maker. Leads are called in to our office, researched, referrals, or submitted via our online ‘Request a Speaker” form. If you find a lead, it is your responsibility to follow-up on the lead either by submitting your proposal online to the hiring party or sending an email directly to the event organizer.

What if I can't afford the club?

If you are committed to joining this program and creating a successful speaking business, I highly encourage you to see where you can find the money to make this happen. I also offer a flexible membership payment plan to help make it doable for you. Remember, there’s never any obligation to join at all.

I'm in other programs and clubs, should I do this?

Are you getting booked consistently? If you aren't getting speaking gigs consistently, you should join this program.

Are all the speaking opportunities free speaking events?

No, some leads will be free, small fee or expenses paid. However, we have often seen speaking leads originally posted as no-fee gigs converted to fee-based gigs, because the organizer was so happy with the speakers that they offered them a paid opportunity for other events. One member, Traci Brown, a Body Language expert secured 15k worth of speaking gigs just in a couple months from using our club. If she can do it so can you!

Are there any hidden costs like commission fees?

No hidden fees whatsoever. Charli Jane Speakers never hides anything from you. Our leads are provided to you commission-free always.

Join Today And Unlock My Entire SystemTo Get
As Many Speaking Gigs As You Want!

The Charli Jane Speakers Club is my signature 20-year, proven program that shows you exactly how to consistently get booked speaking gigs. I teach you a proven success path to getting booked consistently no matter where you live in the world.

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