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Thank you for allowing us to create your one sheet! - Grow Your Speaking Business

Thank you for allowing us to create your one sheet!

Thank you for allowing us to create your one sheet!

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Please send all your information that is listed below to and we can begin the design process.  All designs take approximately 10-14 days after we receive all your information.

If you have any questions, please email 

Below is what we will need to start your one-sheet design.

Please compile them and email to


  • A short paragraph bio
  • Your Tag-Line (if applicable) such as the “Sales Superman” or “Queen of Forgiveness” or a longer tagline such as ours “Opening Doors of Opportunity” or maybe you have a short quote you want to add that you are known for.
  • One-two testimonials. Make them strong ones. Testimonials are a very powerful marketing tool. Choose short and impactful ones for your one-sheet. We don’t want a lot of text, remember this is a one-sheet. So, short and sweet is best.
  • Your keynote topics with a very brief description, (no longer than a sentence or two).Two – Four topics are the norm, if you have more, we can discuss the options. 
  • Your book/program:  I will need the image of your book you wish to add. Please make sure the images are of high quality.
  • Logo: If you use a logo and wish to add it please send the image in a high-quality format.
  • Client List: You can call this ‘Partial Client List’ if you like. If you have not started a list, you don’t have to add this section, however, it’s a good tool, so start compiling one.
  • Contact information (phone, email, web, social, etc.) offer as many forms of contact as possible. This is important and will determine if you get hired or not. If a planner can’t get a hold of you and gets your voice mail, they will move on to the next speaker.
  • Images: Please send several photos of you (3-5 high-quality images). Be unique and creative. I prefer not to use the  “old school” photos. I recommend interactive ones that really showcase your personality. You are welcome to send an “old-school” shot if it’s all you have, but it’s worth it to have an engaging image, especially if you only have one to include.
  • Send your website URL. Please specify if you would like me to follow the example of your website brand. If not, we will work our magic and create a stunning new look for your design.
  • Media logos: If you have permission to use any media logos I recommend adding them to your one-sheet, it gives you instant expert status
  • Social Media: You can send your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Please send the full URL’s 
  • Branded colors: If you can get us the exact color codes for your brand (website colors) we can get it branded perfectly. If you don’t have the colors we will do our very best to get as close as we possibly can.