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Thank you for joining the Promote U program - Grow Your Speaking Business

Thank you for joining the Promote U program

Thank you for participating in the Promote U Program

This program is designed solely to promote Speakers. We are dedicated to getting you out there, seen, found and hopefully booked on a regular monthly basis.

This is a monthly ongoing program, however, we recommend a minimum 3-month commitment, but will not hold you to it. This is what it will take to get the fire started. One month just isn’t enough time to get you out there and seen. After three months, you will have much more visibility. We do encourage to keep your brand awareness fires stoked on a regular basis as this is what makes you stand out, get seen, get booked and stay booked for sustainable career success.

To begin promoting you we will need a few things, please gather together the list and email to to start your promotions.

List of item we will need to begin (this is minimum and on occasion may request additional information)

  • Your Website URL
  • A list of products
  • A list of services
  • Your topic list with a very brief (very) details of each
  • Any events you have coming up within the next several months
  • Media exposure and URL’s if available
  • Partial client list (if you share this we may use one or two in a promotion, if you don’t want to share you don’t need to send the list)
  • Videos and the URL (if any)
  • All social media URL’s (this is important because we will tag, share, etc. on your accounts when we post on our own. We recommend having all 7 social sites, if you don’t have them please get them set up.
  • Book URL (if any)
  • Marketing material (such as post cards, speaker onesheets, flyers, brochures, etc.) We need these for review and to better design accurate promotions.
  • Podcast URL (if any)
  • List of achievements you might want to share and any URL that might go with it
  • Any additional information you want to share to help us effectively promote you and your services.
  • URL’s to any articles you have written or columns, etc.
  • Remember the goal here is to build brand awareness and get visitors to your site, from there it’s your responsibility to start the line of communication and relationship building.

Additional benefits of the Promote U program:

  • You will be added to the Charli Jane Speaker family with a full listing in the Speaker Directory which is also promoted the same way we promote you so you’ll enjoy double the visibility. Please visit this link, fill out the form and click send. We will then get your speaking page in the Charli Jane Speakers directory. Link:
  • Facebook Private Group: Please follow the link and request to be added: All MU participants have access until the completion of the program if you wish to remain a member we recommend the Promote U on-going monthly program or becoming a Charli Jane Speaker member.
  • Public Speakers Group: Also, join us on our public Facebook group to get additional resources and interact with colleagues

Please note once again: Cancellation Policy: There are not refunds for the Promote U program, however if you decide to cancel before your next month of promotion you can with no questions asked. To yield best results we recommend a 3 month commitment at minimum although promotion should always be an ongoing task. Please remember you MUST cancel before you are billed for the month’s services as there are no refunds after.

We help create brand awareness by promoting you and your services/products but it is your responsibility to make sure you can grab your audience’s attention once they visit your site, call you or email you. It’s your responsibility to let your excellent customer service skills kick in, so it’s important to follow-up and be proactive. You’ll need a plan in place to do just that. It’s a combined effort with both the Charli Jane team and you, the Speaker working together to make a great change that can increase your brand awareness, your visibility, sales and bookings.

We don’t guarantee any bookings, please note this is NOT what we do. We will promote you to the best of our ability, ethically and with our “full hustle attitude” driving us! You land the bookings.

Please send all necessary information from the above list to

We look forward to promoting you!