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The top 5 essential elements that make an incredible and profitable speakers website - Grow Your Speaking Business

The top 5 essential elements that make an incredible and profitable speakers website

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Don’t we all want the perfect, amazing, and profitable website for our public speaking business? We want to increase our clients, our bookings, our network, and our income, and a public speaker’s website is an essential marketing tool. It speaks to our audiences and reaches out for us when we can’t. A good website will help build important relationships and will also lead to increased income and bookings.

We’re aware of the importance of our public speaker’s website, but it must have all the necessary elements to make the website – and to help your business become – successful and profitable.

Generally, we would advise you to build your own website. Only you know you, and your authenticity will shine through on your website design. Hiring a web designer is also an option, but be careful to choose a person that will allow you some personal freedom in the design process. A professional web designer is not necessarily a professional marketer; you are in charge of your marketing so ensure that you are able to affect this aspect in your own web design.
Your website must work for you, but there are certain essential elements that you ought to have on your public speaker website to ensure its success.

  1. Showcase your message well. Your website must immediately speak clearly and directly to your audience. Confused buyers won’t buy, and confused planners won’t hire. Be clear and concise about your own niche and expertise, and the right audience will know when they have found the right speaker. Allow your readers to quickly hear your message loud and clear.
  1. Give your readers direction. Readers found your message, but what do they do next? Tell your visitor exactly what you want them to do. They need direction, what to do, where to go once they know who you are. Give them a process to follow. Without a plan of action, it’s like you have invited a guest to your house, answered the door, and turned away, just leaving them in the foyer. Direct your visitor on exactly what you want them to do: what’s the next step?
  1. Give your visitor something to remember. Many of your web visitors will be impressed and think to themselves that they will be back later to contact you. The fact remains, however, that the majority never make it back to you. Include a sign-up box on your website somewhere on every page of your website to allow visitors to get connected. Collect your visitors’ name and email address so you can keep in touch on a regular basis. Let your website work for you; it is not just an online brochure. I spoke with a client the other day who said they had gotten over 1500 visitors to their site within 2 weeks, I said wow! I also proceeded to ask how many contacted you? Their hesitant reply told me none! Don’t lose visitors; capture them and build relationships. Your mailing list will become one of your most precious assets.
  1. Have a booking or meeting planner page. Make it easy for planners to access the essential information they need to book you. Ensure that it’s easily found and downloadable. Planners are busy and professional. Keep it simple and professional for them.
  1. Include a media room.

People want to know where you have been, what you have been doing, and what your gigs look like. Showcase your expertise with your media kit. Include examples from media appearances, including TV, radio, and publications. Showcase press releases, articles you have written, even blogs you have contributed to. Include strong testimonials, and share your video demos here as well.

Perhaps you are a new speaker and do not have a video yet to showcase. Include an audio clip instead. Planners want to hear you speak and be confident that they are contacting the right person. It is your job to help them make the right decision and feel fully confident in their choice.

These tips are all essential for a good website, but they are not exhaustive. Get creative and remember the most important thing here is to stay true to yourself, your brand, and your niche. You love what you do, so be authentic and genuine in all of your work, including your website. People will be drawn to and want to work with you because of YOU. And they’re probably going to get to know you a lot better because of that awesome website.

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