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Speakers - please read before hiring a virtual assistant - Grow Your Speaking Business

Speakers – please read before hiring a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are independent contractors

Charli Jane is a provider of speaker services / professional development services only and therefore recommends that speakers conduct their own due diligence before contracting any virtual assistant listed in our Virtual Assistant (VA) directory.

Virtual assistants listed with Charli Jane are not employees or contractors of Charli Jane, nor are they legally affiliated with our company. They are independent contractors who pay to be listed in our VA directory.

Ethics and professional standards expected of virtual assistants

Charli Jane expects all virtual assistants listed in our VA directory to act ethically and to the highest professional standards.

Liability disclaimer

Whilst it is Charli Jane’s mission to support speakers with a directory of virtual assistants who are committed to providing the highest level of administrative and business support to professional speakers, we are not accountable for the quality of any VA’s work.

If speakers choose to work with any of these VAs, your contract and working relationship is with them directly. By contracting any of those VA’s services, you agree to hold Charli Jane harmless from any and all claims or demands related to the services provided by those virtual assistants.

We expressly disclaim all liability from any claims or demands that may arise as a result of engaging any of the VAs in our directory.


We do encourage client feedback on the virtual assistants listed in our directory. If you work with one of the VAs listed in our VA directory and your experience is not satisfactory, we would like to hear from you. You can email your feedback to us anytime and we will follow up confidentially with the VA you are reviewing.