Grow Your Speaking Business

Using Social To Get Booked

social media for speakers

In this video I teach you an excellent trick using the leads in the Charli Jane Speakers Club (if you’re not a member you can use any lead you have)  In the video I show you a strategy you can do regularly to get seen and booked using the free tool available to us all – Social Media! 

This is a FREE strategy and costs nothing but some invested time – faithfully!

I use this video as part of my training in the Booked Solid Success Path found inside the Charli Jane Speakers Club (founded in 2005 and you can learn more here.)

Remember what you put into it is what you will get out of it. 

I have been working with planners and speakers for 2 decades now and will tell you that by adding this to your weekly marketing strategies you can see an increase in your yearly bookings. If you make an effort 🙂