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Vernon Terrelle Vaughn -

Vernon Terrelle Vaughn

Keynote Speaker

Vernon Terrelle Vaughn

“I help clients know how to be unstoppable at obtaining their goals regardless of the challenge.”

Travels From: South Eastern Region of Wisconsin, USA and Virtual

Vernon Terrelle Vaughn

About Vernon Terrelle Vaughn

He is the award-winning author of the book, The Unstoppable Soul! The simplest three-step formula to overcome any obstacle which a New York Times Top 10 Best Selling author wrote the foreword for. He shares his secret formula that readers and clients can use as a guide to overcoming obstacles they face. He boldly claimed that his secret formula works twenty-four hours per day and seven days per week. Those who considered the reader average before reading his simple three-step guide did not consider the reader average long after.

His book along with his keynote speeches aims to sharpen the awareness of the reader and listener to win the game of life at the core level. Readers and clients learn how to say no to stress, and be resilient and bold during the struggle. Clients gain clever knowledge and learn how to end problems that dominate the mind so they can crush it at whatever they love to do. This is a guide to help everyday men and women become extraordinary. His book and services provide a how-to guide to overcoming any obstacle with a simple three-step formula.


Topics: Being a winner, Positive thinking, Goal setting, Motivation

Positive thinking affords anyone the ability to create whatever is focused on by the thinker. The mind is a creative force. Tapping into this power is the key. Knowing how to tap into this power is where my clients gain the advantage to thrive where they are in their journey.

Motivation is a platform and vehicle to acquire a set goal from one perspective. I encourage using positive information to calculate why a plan of action is necessary to encourage changing a negative mindset to a positive mindset that promotes positive outcomes.

Goal setting is a winner’s bread and butter or secret weapon. It is the reason why suffering is beneficial in the eyes of a particular competitor or professional. For example! The man or woman who chooses to be an athlete seeking to be a gold medalist, doctor, lawyer, speaker, etc. Hard work is involved at times. Hard work is not always fun and enjoyable. The outcome of reaching the goal is rewarding no matter how much time, effort, or pain was implied on the athlete’s muscles or the doctor’s mind. The doctor could have experienced a headache or two from time to time. This is why goal setting is a critical keynote.



"Vernon has a charismatic voice that has to be spoken and heard. It's a voice for the people. He is knowledgeable and believable. What a breath of fresh air for our times!" - Cathy T.

"Vernon is truly energetic about life. He enjoys what he does to the full and is very passionate about taking life by the horns and not taking one moment for granted! Check him out!" - Maurice H.

"You are one of the most awesome, positive, uplifting, and motivational personalities under heavenly watch. It is a great experience to have met you and now know you and have you as a part of my life in friendship. I hope that God continues to use you to reach others.” - Paul J.