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My business coach Wendi


“Anyone who is serious about professional speaking should get in touch with Wendi McNeill. I have been working with Wendi for several months and she has already given me wonderful advice and tips on how to market my book and myself as a speaker. I feel like Wendi is a friend I have known for years and years.

“A person can get very isolated trying to figure out things for themselves in this business. Wendi helps me focus on what’s most important. It is so rare to find any service provider these days who provides as much personal attention and professional TLC as Wendi does. She is prompt, dependable, wise, fun to talk to and I always know she has my best interests at heart. I feel so lucky to be working with Wendi.” – Kathleen A. Paris Ph.D. – Consultant, Distinguished, Emeritu – Office of Improvement – UW-Madison


Are You Shouldering Your Speaking Burden Alone?

Hi There! Wendi McNeill here, and I want to give you some very personal speaking assistance and advice.  When your speaking business is small and you’re trying to gain the momentum you need to hire helpers and get your referral engine going,  it can be hard to know what to do first.  Or second, or third.

This is where personalized speaker coaching comes in — I help you weed through all your options and hone in on the actions that are absolutely necessary to take in order to reach your goals, so that you can get the best possible results, faster.

“But I’m already a speaker, and I’m tired of beginner advice!”

If you’re already doing pretty well as a speaker, and want to get to the next level — that’s where this program really shines!  Say you have a helper or two, I’ll help you with what tasks to delegate, how to bump up to the next level of speaking fees, how to make sure you and your team concentrate on the tasks worth doing at your level.  No more generic advice for beginners — take your business to the next level!  All the advice I give through this program is tailored to you, it’s not generic.


“Wendi is EXTREMELY efficient and reliable. She loves her business and it shows when you collaborate with her on projects. She is a woman you can depend on when getting things accomplished! I plan on working with her again and again.  – John James Santangelo –


Keeping You On Track!

I help keep you on track and focused, without ever getting in the way — and work out the systems you need to have in place before you can even consider hiring an assistant.  I’ll get you into the habit of reaching out and drawing in your target audience, sending your proposals and onesheet out to get bookings, help you get booked, and get out of your own way.

What is it?

I am offering for you to enroll in my eCoaching program, which is a monthly subscription, and includes the following:

  • You send me up to two (2) weekly emails with your most burning and personal speaker question (one question per email)
  • I send you a very thorough customized answer and guidance for your question
  • You’re automatically enrolled in my Speaker’s Club (already a ridiculous value at $10/month) at no extra charge — which gives you at least 200 speaking opportunities to apply for per month, a listing in our directory (and more!)
  • You get enrolled in my private Facebook group, to network with other speakers, share information, and get special announcements
  • I make myself available to you via Facebook messenger as well
  • You’re enrolled on my email list, with tips for speakers

Mind you, I can only take on a limited number of eCoaching clients, so when my cup runneth over, I will be closing the doors on this offer.


“Under your coaching, I am feeling very focused and have been able to break my goals down into small steps. You have been a godsend! When I came to you I felt like I was going in a hundred different directions. With each small step taken I have gained the confidence to go further. When I get excited about a step taken you get excited as well and that lets me know I’m headed in the right direction. Wendi, you have been great at listening to my ideas and helping me expand on them. Your compassion is uplifting, and it has been like chatting with an old friend. Thank you and bless you.” – Sandra L. Garth, Speaker, Trainer, and Coach – © Fit Matters

“I had been sitting on a gold mine receiving and reading but not acting on Charli Jane’s ezine. I am very glad subscribed. They say when the student (me) is ready the teacher will appear and it took this student two years to realize that the teacher was right in her inbox. I have been working with Wendi in her Coaching program and am getting results that would have taken me forever to achieve. Not only is she extraordinary in helping me focus on my goals but gives incredible advice, tips, and direction. She is the perfect guide to help me take ACTION.

“If you are sitting on the fence like I did about hiring Wendi, don’t. If you need help growing your speaking business and building a stronger platform I highly recommend and encourage you getting in touch with Wendi, you will be glad you did!” – Chipo Shambare, Keynote Motivational Speaker, Healing Specialist

“Wendi can be counted on for precision, professionalism, and being on point. When I started working with Wendi I felt like I was caught in a maze, filled with overwhelm, and I simply wasn’t sure which actions to take first in regards to growing my business as a speaker. She gave me an easy plan to build my platform, is priceless with her help on my web copy, and did I mention she is enjoyable to work with too? Thanks, Wendi. I look forward to working with you for a long time.” – Brenda Adelman, Professional Speaker, Actress, Coach, Workshop Leader and Consultant


Don’t ever feel lost and frustrated because you’re overwhelmed or don’t know where to start: I don’t want you to hurt your career because you’ve hit a wall — I don’t want you to get stuck and stop growing your business.  These are the major reasons people quit on their speaking career, give up and go back to their J.O.B.

I don’t like to see this — and want to help YOU avoid this at all costs — by getting you booked and paid, helping you stay on-track and organized, helping you get systems in place, and helping you get yourself in front of opportunities.

As my eCoaching client, together we will tackle any challenge you have and get you back on track and keep you on track.


“Wendi gives without measure. In my dealings with professionals, I’ve never found anyone like her. Once you are her client, it’s ‘no holds barred’ I have used Wendi as a coach for my speaking business for the last two months. And, I say without any reserve: She is exemplary at what she does. First, she is extremely knowledgeable about her area and shares so much information in our e-mails, it takes me several hours just to catch up.” – Fred Firestone,


Ready? Let’s do this!

Surely getting all of this assistance must be hundreds or even thousands of dollars, right?

WRONG!  It’s just $97 a month.

That’s 8 emailed personalized mini coaching sessions a month, plus the 200+ opportunities to speak each month via the Speaker’s Club membership, general speaking advice, a private Facebook group with people just like you who you can network with and share advice — for about $3 a day.

This is a recurring monthly-fee program. You are free to cancel at any time if you feel we’re not a fit, no questions asked.

Sign Me Up! $97 per month


“We need four things to be successful that can only come from People.  They are: Resources, Coaches, Mentors & Partners . It is unusual that you can find all of these in one person. Sometimes you get lucky and find one person capable of providing most of these things.   I found such a person that I want to highlight and her name is Wendi McNeill founder and owner of Charli Jane Speaker Services. She has helped and assisted me in numerous ways.  She is truly a Partner that provides numerous resources. She is both a Coach and Mentor in the ways she offers suggestions and sources for engagements and improvement to the success of my speaking career. Wendi is a passionate, persistent partner who takes on the vision and mission of the client.” – Carl L Young, Consultant, Speaker and Trainer –

“Wendi, I can’t thank you enough for your invaluable advice, which I take on board. I am so endeared to you. I truly hope we can meet and I can somehow return your most generous kindness of spirit. You are truly precious.” – Tula Tzoras – Creator/Producer – Project Elevation / Bondi Junction, NSW Australia