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Yvette De Luna - Grow Your Speaking Business

Yvette De Luna

Keynote Speaker

Yvette De Luna

“I help managers acquire an interaction framework so they can build strong relationships with employees and transform their work-places.

Travels From: Houston, TX

Yvette De Luna

About Yvette De Luna

Early on in life Yvette noticed that when faced with unfairness (meaning someone lost something because the playing field was not leveled), she became agitated and had to intervene to fix it. In her thirties, after working as a journalist for a decade, she decided to harvest the riled-up energy that injustices managed to spurt out of her, into a law degree. So, it is fair to say that she became an attorney because she abhors injustice.

For 25 years she practiced employment law, a lot of it on the employer’s side, but for small businesses. That led her to design documentary tools -templates to aid in preventing employment claims at the source. She leveraged technology and created downloadable, inexpensive tools that companies acquired and easily adapted to their demographics. 

The tools effectively created legal “firewalls” around their management of employees, particularly in companies trotting along without HR personnel or similar specialized personnel.

Her “come to Jesus” moment happened while servicing clients that in addition to purchasing the templates, hired her as a consultant. There was a common thread in the consultations. She could see that her clients were failing at the employee-employer relationship because they were unable to have work interpersonal interactions with employees. So, she designed the R.E.D. Interaction Framework for Managers based on her training in emotional intelligence. The process was a winner. She tried the framework when she shifted from litigating to managing employees directly.

She has since dedicated her life to help create emotionally healthy workspaces in the US. In emotionally healthy workspaces managers are able to leverage trust, patience, responsibility, empathy, healthy boundaries, and self-reliance. In 2021 she wrote the book Broken Work Vows where the details of the R.E.D. Interaction Framework for Managers is discussed.


Topics: 1. R.E.D. Interaction Framework for Managers 2. Leadership 3. Optics of a Difficult Conversation with Employees 4. How to Onboard Employees 5. How to Supervise Employees 6. How to Discipline Employees or Rather How to Align Employee Behavior with Organizational Goals

R.E.D. Interaction Framework for Managers

“We are like family”, immediately signals problems in my book. It means employees are treated with the personal interpersonal skills that managers and supervisors use at home with their family, friends and acquaintances. But the employment relationship and the employment contract is like no other relationship in our lives. It is quite special. It is filled with opposing interests and particular characteristics. As such, it needs a very specific framework for the interactions between those involved in the relationship.

R.E.D., which stands for the emotional intelligences skills of Respect, Empathy and Mindful Detachment gives you exactly that framework. Follow me to learn more about the R.E.D. Interaction Framework for Managers.



“Ms. De Luna is one of those rare, gems of a find. Her skill combination coupled with the fact that she truly cares about creating better workspaces makes her unique. It has been a pleasure working with her and our company is so much better for it after trying consulting firm after consulting firm. R.E.D. is the ticket.” -Margarita Parrilla

"So timely! From understanding generational gaps, embracing remote work and dealing with gossip…to learning new skills and having difficult conversations, the advice is TIMELY, ACTIONABLE and, better yet, CONCISE."- Z Hernandez