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5 Strategies for Creating Video Clips for Your Speaker Website - Grow Your Speaking Business

5 Strategies for Creating Video Clips for Your Speaker Website

5 Strategies for Creating Video Clips for Your Speaker Website

Video clips can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool if you choose the right ones. These clips are an opportunity to show event planners what you have to offer. Below are five strategies for creating the perfect video clips for your speaker website.

  1. Choose clips for a planner

Sometimes the clips you like the most and the ones a planner wants to see are not the same thing. When choosing clips to feature on your website, consider the options from a planner’s perspective. An organizer is usually looking for a speaker that is knowledgeable about their topic while also being engaging, insightful, and enthusiastic. A planner wants a speaker the audience will really like. Your video clips should showcase how you fit all of these requirements.

  1. 4-Minute videos max

Organizers have to go through tens, if not hundreds of speaker video clips when planning an event. They don’t have time to spend watching your hour-long presentation video, no matter how good you think it is. Even a 15-minute video can be too long so keep it short. Get to the point of your video quickly and concisely. It’s basically an elevator pitch in video form.

  1. Showcase your skills

Your video should display the skills you have as a speaker. Include a memorable snippet from a speech you gave and well as positive reactions or engagement from the crowd. This not only allows the planner to see you in action but also offers proof of your abilities to connect with your audience.

5 Strategies for Creating Video Clips for Your Speaker Website

  1. Include testimonials

After you’ve provided captivating examples from a past speech, make sure you include testimonials at the end of your video. These testimonials can be from other organizers as well as audience members. Testimonials provide proof that people enjoy working with you as well as hearing you speak, so make sure you’re gathering them while you work.

  1. Optimize for conversions

The point of your speaker video clip is to convert planner views into speaker bookings. With this in mind, make sure you have a clear call to action at the end of your video. Include your contact information as well as an easy way for the organizer to take the next steps whether that be in booking you for an event or contacting you for more information.

Great video content helps you showcase your work and gets people excited about what you do. By incorporating these five strategies into your speaker video clips, you’re much more likely to engage planners and get them interested in your services. That being said, one additional tip for your videos is to invest in them. Great quality video clips get much more attention than, poor audio and fuzzy recordings, so don’t be afraid to put in the time and energy to make your speaker video clips really stand out.

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