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5 Ways Adding Regular Blog Content Helps Your Speaker Business Website

5 Ways Adding Regular Blog Content Helps Your Speaker Business Website


 Blogging has long been a passion of mine as a business owner. It allows me to communicate my ideas, share my knowledge, and connect with others who might be interested in what I have to say.

But it actually goes much deeper than that and benefits my website, and therefore my business, in many ways.

So with that in mind, I’ve listed five of the many ways adding regular blog content to your speaker website will help your business grow below.

1. Blogging Helps With SEO

One of the main benefits of blogging is that it helps with your website’s SEO. Search engines love fresh content, and by regularly adding blog posts to your site, you’re giving them exactly what they’re looking for. This, in turn, will help your site rank higher in search results, making it more visible to potential customers and clients.

But be careful to avoid simply writing anything that comes to mind, as it needs to be quality content relevant to your niche and audience. This is where a good understanding of SEO and keyword research comes in handy, ensuring your blog posts are optimized for the search engines and attract the right kind of attention.

2. Blogging Builds Authority

Another significant benefit of blogging is that you can use this medium to establish credibility and build authority in your chosen niche. It’s a great way to show off your knowledge and expertise, and by sharing valuable information with your readers, you’ll quickly become a trusted source of information in your field.

This is especially important if you’re just starting out as a speaker, as it can help you get noticed and stand out from the competition. But even if you’re already an established speaker, blogging can help you consolidate your position as an authority figure and thought leader in your space.

3. Blogging Drives Traffic to Your Site

As well as helping with SEO, blogging also drives traffic to your website in other ways. For example, every time you publish a new blog post, you have the opportunity to share it on social media, within niche-relevant forums, and with other relevant websites and blogs.

If your blog post is interesting and informative, it’s likely to be shared by others, which will help to increase the reach of your website and attract new visitors. Over time, this can lead to significant growth in web traffic, which is essential for any speaking business that wants to succeed in today’s digital world.

4. Blogging Provides Useful Content

Another benefit of regularly blogging is that it provides your website with useful content that can help to convert visitors into leads and customers. If you blog about topics relevant to your business, such as tips for giving a great speech or advice on choosing the right keynote speaker, you’re providing valuable information that your target audience will appreciate.

And if you include a strong call-to-action at the end of each blog post, you can encourage your readers to take further action, such as signing up for your newsletter or contacting you to book a speaking engagement.

5. Blogging Helps You Better Connect with Your Audience

Blogging is a great way to connect with your target audience and get to know them better. When you blog, you’re essentially having a conversation with your readers, and over time, this can help build relationships and foster a sense of community.

Getting feedback and comments from your readers is also incredibly valuable, as it gives you insights into what they’re thinking and how they feel about specific topics. You can then use this feedback to improve your blog content, make it even more relevant and engaging for your audience, and give yourself new topic ideas for your speaking engagements.

6. (Bonus) Blogging Helps You Get Discovered by New Audiences

Finally, blogging is also an excellent method for getting your name discovered by new audiences. By writing about relevant topics and sharing your blog posts with the right people, you can attract new readers who might not have otherwise found your website.

And as you build up a regular following, you’ll have an engaged group of people that you can communicate with on a regular basis, which is essential for developing long-term industry relationships, boosting word-of-mouth referrals, and expanding the reach of your speaking business.

Make Blogging Part of Your Weekly Marketing Activities and Reap the Benefits

Hopefully, by giving you five (well, six if you include the bonus) ways blogging can help your speaker business website, I’ve convinced you to start making this part of your weekly marketing activities. And, if you’re not already blogging, now is definitely the time to start!

If you’re unsure of how to go about adding a blog section to your website, or you’re not confident in your blog writing abilities, there are tons of valuable resources to help you get started in our private Facebook Group – Grow Your Speaking Biz.

With dozens of other speakers sharing their experiences as well as advice and access to myself and my team for help and support, this is the perfect place to start growing your speaking business off the back of regular blogging and other valuable marketing mediums.

We look forward to seeing you in there!

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