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7 Hacks To Get You PR Ready - Grow Your Speaking Business

7 Hacks To Get You PR Ready

7 Hacks To Get You PR Ready

Expanding your presence and reputation as an expert can’t be done solely by what you publish, print, write or sell.

You must get others to give you good exposure in terms of PR (public relations). You need to be interviewed, featured, spotlighted, invited as a guest, and get yourself out there to be found in ways that come from others getting the word out about you.

The more people out there talking about you as an expert, the more your credibility score will climb.

People don’t want to be alone in their decisions, and they certainly don’t want to be wrong. So the more “good press” you’re enjoying, the better, because it translates into trust.

What exactly does “PR Ready” mean?

This means that if you’re an expert and you’re seeking to get interviewed by the media or seen in publications, you need to be ready for the call by having built a platform for your expertise area.

Think like this: If I wanted to hire a PR agency today, would they be able to help me? Would they even accept me as a client?

Not all PR agencies will take on just anyone.

The good ones want their clients to be people they know they can pitch and who will get booked easily for appearances and interviews.

It would be the same as if you are trying to get speaker agencies to take you on as a client. They won’t take you on if you are not “sale ready”, which means you are marketable and have a strong platform.

You need to do some pre-work to set up yourself up for the win when you approach those in the media.

How do you do that?

Here are 7 tips to get yourself PR ready.

1.Does your website say EXPERT? Take a look at your website. Does it look professional, make you seem approachable and have good visuals of you and your work? Have you branded yourself and your business? Do you have a ‘spot on’ clear message? If not, your website should be the first thing you fix.

2. Build a solid media page. Do you have a media page on your website? Make sure you have a solid one with testimonials on it. Those looking to interview and feature you in the media will be scouring the internet for these pages, make sure you have one, it’s really good, and you label it with the search term “media” in its URL.

3. Host your own podcast. Podcast? Who me? Yes, you! You can do it! You are a speaker, you are used to talking to hundreds or thousands in a room live. How about reaching them, and more, online from your living room, home office, or beach house deck. Create your own podcast and share yourself and your message consistently with your audience before and after they’ve seen you live. This makes it even easier for others in the media to find you and highlight your work and know-how. You can even trade guest spots and get more ideas for programming that way.

4. Publish your book or program. Having a book or signature program can go hand-in-hand with public speaking. The added depth to your platform that a book or program brings creates excellent leverage for you when seeking speaking gigs and getting booked in the media and on podcasts. If you haven’t written a book or created a signature program put it on your priority list – right under getting your website set up correctly.

5. Have your onesheet ready. If members of the media are interested in you, they may want to print out your PDF and bring it up before the booking decision makers. Make it easy for them by having your onesheet linked on your website, and even in your email signature. (Don’t have a onesheet yet, or aren’t loving the one you have? We can help you with that at Charli Jane Speakers)

6. Videos. Please have a video, even better, multiple videos. It will make an immediate connection with the person looking for an expert. Once they hear you and see you, they get a better idea of your personality. Hearing your voice makes a deeper impact than just seeing still images of you. It’s all about making human connections today. If you don’t have a video, make a plan to get one filmed, edited and posted on your homepage this week/month. Set that due date for yourself right after you finish this article.

7.Be Social. Well, it is called Social Media. Media professionals are engaging and searching for you on social media, just as meeting planners do. They want to see what you’re up to, what you say, how you react and interact and what you post. Your reputation online matters. Make sure it’s a good one. Be active, pick a few outlets that work for you and remove the ones you’re not active on off your website. Dead air gets you nowhere.

Bonus Tip: If you’re using Facebook, the bookers will go to your business page most likely. Remember, they will hop over to your personal profile page, too.

People are naturally curious, and they want to see what kind of person you are. Make sure your profile page is exactly that, your personal page, and that it lets people in (at least a little).

Be sure to only use your personal profile as personal and not for business or you risk the chance of getting shut down by Facebook.  Don’t share images or posts that you wouldn’t want your mom to see. Sounds old-fashioned, but it’s true, because if those in the media choose to align with you as their guest, they are taking on a bit of your reputation for themselves. Make sure yours is aligned with how you want to be seen by the world.

Digital presence is forever and can pop up 20 years from now to elevate or deflate a career in a cybersecond.

Work on these public relations platform readiness tips and you will be well on your way to getting booked solidly with the media. Be sure to keep your eye on your PR-readiness at all stages of your platform building. I just know that you are that close to being a media darling.

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