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9 Must-Know Strategies for Marketing Yourself as an In-Demand Keynote Speaker - Grow Your Speaking Business

9 Must-Know Strategies for Marketing Yourself as an In-Demand Keynote Speaker

9 Must-Know Strategies for Marketing Yourself as an In-Demand Keynote Speaker

Have you ever dreamed of being the keynote speaker that captivates event audiences? Do you aspire to spread your message on big stages but aren’t sure how to position yourself to get booked?

If so, leveraging smart marketing tactics is key to establishing your authority and credibility – which drives more lucrative speaking opportunities.

In this training, I will provide nine proven strategies a speaker can immediately apply to upgrade their visibility and value in the eyes of meeting planners.

Follow these strategies to differentiate yourself, amplify your reach, and ensure event organizers eagerly book you for their next event.

9 Must-Know Strategies for Marketing Yourself as an In-Demand Keynote Speaker

Here are the minute marks that cover highlights in this episode: 

Craft a Unique Personal Brand That Sets You Apart

(2:13) In an industry saturated with experts vying for the spotlight, developing a distinctive brand is critical for making event hosts take notice when you apply to speak.

Before creating content or media assets, identify what innate talents, viewpoints, passions, or life experiences you can integrate into your public persona. Ask yourself:

– What unique perspectives or ideas can I provide to audiences?

– What special successes or touching personal stories can I incorporate?  

– Do I have natural charisma, humor, or another strength I can leverage in interpersonal communications?

Once you pinpoint your distinctive assets, consistently showcase them across every touchpoint – from your website and speaker reels to your speech style and social media presence. This cultivates familiarity plus differentiated value that makes you memorable when pitching to organizers.

Master Captivating Presentation Skills That Wow Each Time 

(3:31) Even the most seasoned speakers continuously perfect their on-stage abilities because they know presentation mastery is what fills seats. After all, your talk is the core product meeting planners pay for – so ensure every aspect is polished.

Craft Compelling Content

Research the organizer’s needs and the audience’s pain points. Then, carefully script key messages and flowing narrative style to balance an inspiring vision with practical takeaways. 

Make it Memorable 

Incorporate personal anecdotes, scientific data, multimedia, surprising statistics, humor, or other elements to make your talk impactful—structure content for peak emotional resonance.

Become a Commanding Stage Presence 

(4:28) Project natural confidence through body language, voice modulation, and audience interaction. Precision choreography, including well-rehearsed openings/closings, ensures flawless delivery. 

Tirelessly refining your narrative and nonverbal presence transforms competent speakers into expert performers destined for the largest platforms.

Relentlessly Network to Forge Strategic Connections 

Because so much of securing speaking gigs depends on who you know, aggressively integrating networking into your marketing strategy is essential. 

Target in-person events, associations, and conferences where you can interface with meeting planners from your niche industries. Similarly, leverage digital channels like podcast guesting and social media for expanded reach. 

The goal is to establish authentic relationships that drive referrals, collaborations, and testimonials to fuel your credibility. But remember, effective networking is about mutual value exchange rather than self-promotion.

Establish Expert Authority Through Thought Leadership

(5:58) Increasingly, meeting organizers first scout speaker submissions online before booking talent. This is why regularly showcasing your knowledge via thought leadership content is now non-negotiable.

Share advice, lessons learned, data analysis, trade secrets or career journeys across various media formats. Guide audiences into the elevated version of themselves with actionable insights. 

Platforms to establish expertise include guest articles, blogs, Quora answers, newsletters, webinars, podcast interviews, YouTube videos, and more. Ensure all thought leadership displays your brand strengths.

Gather Raving Reviews + Testimonials From Each Gig 

Third-party endorsements, such as client testimonials hugely sway planner decisions when comparing speaker options. Yet many presenters miss the opportunity to collect powerful social proof.

After each talk, politely ask event hosts, organizers and even audience members to provide written or video feedback on their experience. Positive ratings validate you deliver immense value worthy of larger events investing in your talent.

Testimonials should always highlight your personalized brand differentiators that set you apart. For example, “Jordan taught us critical lessons by sharing his entrepreneurial journey in a profoundly moving way.”

Apply to Events, Conferences, and Venues 

(8:51) Far too many qualified speakers fail simply because they waited for bookings to come to them. Instead, proactively identify and submit applications for events aligned with your focus areas – regardless of size.

Smaller local meetups or niche conferences are fertile testing grounds, helping refine your speech content and stage skills with live audiences. Additionally, request referrals or ask satisfied organizers from past gigs to recommend you for other engagements. 

This self-advocacy showcases a serious commitment to your vocation beyond money. As your abilities grow, applying for progressively more renowned events becomes a natural next step.

Acquire Professional Photos + Videos Depicting Your On-Stage Talents  

(9:38) Visually showcasing your presentation genius is hugely persuasive when venue hosts review speaking applications. Invest in a professional photographer capturing you presenting live, plus an experienced videographer compiling footage into shareable sizzle reels.

Compelling speaker videos let planners preview firsthand how you engage audiences before booking commitments are made. Additionally, incorporate vivid imagery into all your marketing collateral, including kits, websites, and social posts. This drives more inquiries.

Provide Ideas + Underserved Perspectives  

(10:28) Aim to fill glaring speaker gaps where competitors have yet to capitalize. Analyze popular themes event hosts request, then identify unexplored subtopics or viewpoints you can address through an original lens. 

For example, are emerging social issues, overlooked demographics or new technologies needing more mainstream visibility? Position yourself as a fresh voice on where industries must innovate next to create breakthroughs. 

Delivering outside-the-box value tied to your branded strengths satisfies cravings for insight modernization. When you consistently disrupt stale thinking, your ideas become highly coveted assets on the speaking circuit.

Conclusion: Implement These Strategies to Start Booking Dream Keynotes 

(11:11) Marketing yourself for speaking opportunities is an integrated effort across brand positioning, relationship building, and showcasing your expertise on and offline.

While the initial work requires dedication, envision the ripple effect your ideas can create when given center stage. Get clear on your native talents and perspectives, then amplify those gifts to attract perfect venues fitting your purpose.

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I hope you enjoyed  this training episode!

I wanted to let you know that every training session is geared towards helping you launch and grow your speaking business.

Keep up the amazing work and keep inspiring others!

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