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Charli Jane Speakers Management and Communications Expert: Dr. Rene-Marc Mangin - Grow Your Speaking Business

Charli Jane Speakers Management and Communications Expert: Dr. Rene-Marc Mangin

Charli Jane Speakers

Dr. Rene-Marc Mangin is a management and communications consultant and mediator.  He specializes in organizational development, nonverbal and cross-cultural communications and environmental conflict.  He has been responsible for several successful organizational change initiatives including culture change and organizational restructuring as an executive and as a consultant.

He is a professional mediator and environmental toxicologist with over 20 years of experience mediating a variety of multi-jurisdictional environmental conflicts involving pesticides, hazardous waste, and economic development over the past 23 years.  In the late 1980s, he was a senior advisor to the U.S. Department of Energy regarding the Superfund negotiations at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.  Since then, he has mediated many labor negotiations, workplace conflicts, and local government disputes and been the Strategic Organizational Development Consultant for the Bonneville Power Administration.  He was the PNW Chapter president of the Society for Professionals in Dispute Resolution in the late 1990s.

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