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Is your public speakers website ready for the new year? - Grow Your Speaking Business

Is your public speakers website ready for the new year?

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Is your public speaker’s website ready for the new year?

If you’re going to market yourself online, you will definitely need a well-organized and attractive website to fit your personality and your message. It must possess all the necessary elements needed to help you grow your speaking business and attract the right audience. You want your website to work for you NOT against you. Grab your FREE speaker website checklist below (link opens in new window)
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You don’t need anything fancy and expensive; don’t get caught up spending thousands of dollars on your site, because this is not necessary. Just start small and build on it, but remember the importance of having all the relevant information easily accessible on your site and don’t make it look like your 8 year old son threw it together.

Don’t clutter your site and make it easy to navigate. If visitors (meeting planners) have to search up and down for what they’re looking for, they will give up and head to the next speakers website – so make sure you grab their attention and your message is perfectly clear.

Check your web statistics regularly and this will show you how long your visitors are staying on your site, if you start seeing a trend where visitors are leaving your site rather quickly you may want to take a look at your site and revamp it a bit.

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