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Competitive intelligence sells - Grow Your Speaking Business

Competitive intelligence sells

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Competitive intelligence sells

Public Speakers are a dime a dozen. Everyone thinks they have a story. Tons of programs are out there on how to create a 6-figure income as a writer and speaker. The self-help market is abundant with all sorts of speakers who believe that they have something to say. Unfortunately, so do 10 other people with the same message. Niche areas are a must but what makes a speaker worth the money they are paid? First of all, celebrities have the fame factor than attracts fans who want to see them. That makes sense that they can command high fees. Others have a unique story that makes them interesting storytellers for a time. The key to long-term success is that a speaker must do more than inspire. They have to offer material with tangible results.

Being inspirational or having a hero’s journey story may get you in the door. But how do you translate that into being relevant for years to come? Eventually people will get tired of the story because another one will come along. Perhaps you founded a charity or organization that found success doing something unique. That captures attention from people who seek to do the same. In the long term the critical issue is to provide a service in your speeches by thinking of your material as adult education. If you can offer continuing education credits that is a plus factor.

In my humble opinion, speakers who are seeking to become superstars are on a slippery slope. I saw this in James Arthur Ray and we all know where he ended up. Speakers with marketing material that is too slick can irk the crowd you want to approach. Remember, speakers are a dime a dozen. Few stories are unique for too long. Using words to promote yourself and in your talks that are overly exuberant and uses “transformational” language comes off as manic and narcissistic. The best speakers to sell teach skills that are relevant and easy to model by audiences. If people experience results they come back for more and recommend you. Having concrete content is what a credible investment looks like. Prospective clients must see you as an investment with an ROI. If not, you will spend time on the circuit as another talking head.

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