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Every day encounters are networking opportunities - Grow Your Speaking Business

Every day encounters are networking opportunities

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Every situation you encounter as a Professional Speaker should be a networking opportunity.  Even when you are completing day to day errands you never know who could be the key to your next speaking engagement.  Thus the top 5 tips for networking at all times are to:

  1. Carry business cards with you at all times with updated information such as your phone number, email, and website.
  2. Always get their business card as you always want to follow up even with a quick hello remember me.
  3. Ask for referrals.  Remember everyone knows somebody that could lead to a future speaking engagement.
  4. Always leave a lasting impression.  If you run into someone on the checkout line and you begin to talk small talk take that opportunity to tell them what you do.  Everyone finds your industry more than intriguing.
  5. Never say no to possibilities.  If you go out there with an open mind you are sure to receive endless opportunities.  No matter how well known or how great you are as a speaker never pass up these networking opportunities.

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