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Speaking Engagements: Top 5 Ways to Find Them - Grow Your Speaking Business

Speaking Engagements: Top 5 Ways to Find Them

speaking engagements

When it comes to growing your speaking business you cannot expect the speaking engagements to just come rolling in. You HAVE to put in the work. Yes, it will take time to execute the five strategies, but you will reap the rewards for months, if not years, by putting in the hard yards upfront.

But you don’t want to be busy without moving forward. You need to make sure that the work you put in actually gains you traction, rather than leaving you running around in circles.

So with that in mind, I have compiled five methods that give you the most bang for the buck.

None of them are easy overnight results. Remember this is a journey and what you put into the 5 strategies is what you will get out of them. So many people give up when the going gets tough. But as you should already know, that’s when the tough get going!

So without any further delay, let’s get started…

5 Top Ways to Find the Right Speaking Engagements for You

1.Go Find the Conferences You Want to Speak At

There’s no better way to get booked for the perfect gig than to seek it out for yourself. Search for businesses, associations, and other organizations that host annual conferences that you want to speak at. Then delve a little deeper and find out through your research who the key decision-makers are for these events.

Once you have a good list of 20 or so contacts, it’s time to pick up the phone and call them. Following up your call with an email pitch is also a good idea. It’s going to take time, but IF you can get your foot in the door at just ONE event and get a speaking engagement, it can open a whole new world of opportunities.

2. Google Other Speakers

If you’re lacking a touch of inspiration or your list of preferred events is a little short, then it’s time to head back to your best friend Google. This time you need to lookup similar speakers within your niche and do a little sleuthing.

Find out where they’ve been speaking and what events would also be suitable for you. While they may have delivered an excellent speech, the event in question may like to rotate guest speakers to keep things fresh for their audience members.

Once you’ve found a few events you like, it’s time to hunt down the decision-makers once again and make contact. Ask when and where their next conference is and if they could notify you when the Call for Speakers comes out.

3. Use Social to Get Booked Speaking Engagements

In today’s world, social is one of the most powerful weapons in your bid to get booked – and it’s free! Not only will you likely use social to make contact with decision-makers, but it’s an excellent way to pop up on their radar.

Closely follow what key influencers at your desired events do and say on social. Make sure to like and share their content so you keep popping up in their notification feeds. Another great method is posting thoughtful comments on their posts.

Ideally, you want to be touching base with them at least four times a week, but don’t go overboard. The last thing you want to do is build yourself a reputation as a pest. So be persistent but polite and respect boundaries – virtual or otherwise!


4. Get Your Website and Marketing Materials in Order

So often speakers execute the above strategies well, only to fall at the last hurdle. While you might be making inroads on the phone and online, you NEED to make sure that when event planners land on their website they are impressed.

Make sure your site (and social profiles) are as clear and concise as possible. Decision-makers are always time-strapped and under pressure to avoid making any mistakes with their bookings. Therefore, leave them under no illusions as to who you are, what you do, and how you deliver it.

If your site is messy or confusing, they will simply leave and move on to evaluating the next speaker they have on their list. It’s that simple. Worse, in most cases, they’ll never come back and reconsider.

So make sure your site takes them on a brief but powerful journey that allows them to get to know you better and make a deeper connection. By doing this it can bring you many speaking engagements.

5. Use Speaking Events as Your Springboard to New Opportunities

When you are eventually given a shot, you need to make it count. Not only do you need to deliver an impressive speech, but you also need to remember the golden rule ABN rule – Always Be Networking!

You never know who is in that audience. So once you’ve wowed them on stage, don’t hesitate to speak to as many people as possible afterward to make personal connections with the movers and shakers in your chosen industry.

Even if they aren’t event planners, they may pass on their recommendation to a colleague or acquaintance that is. So treat every person you speak to as a potential speaking opportunity!


So there you have it, there are five proven methods to find the right speaking engagements for you. With all of these ways to get booked, you get out what you put in. If you push hard for a week and expect results, then you’re in for a shock.

This journey is far from an overnight adventure.

However, if you maintain your dedication and persistence, it WILL pay off.


Help keep your motivation high and stay organized by tracking all of your activities using the above strategies with our Speaking Lead Tracker.

Now is the time to go out there and get to work!

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I hope you enjoyed the training on The Top 5 Ways To Find Speaking Engagements for you! 

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Keep Inspiring! – Wendi xo

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