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Get Booked: 5 Things Your Speaker Proposal Must Include - Grow Your Speaking Business

Get Booked: 5 Things Your Speaker Proposal Must Include

Speaker Proposals

What if you could generate a speaker proposal that is spot on for meeting planners?  What would that do for your ability to book engagements?  What if your proposal makes the planner feel as if you read her mind?  Not sure how to go about it, we’re here to help with our proven Speaker Proposal Generator.

Better yet, it’s free for you for life! Read on to learn more about some key things to include to get yourself booked and booked again.

Charli Jane Speakers’ Speaker Proposal Generator will make it easy to create a gig-winning proposal that will hit all the must-haves to help you get the gigs you truly desire. Here are our top 5 tips for submitting a proposal that not only grabs attention but gets you booked.

  1. Clarity of Who You Are: You will never be an expert at being someone else. In your proposal, let your true self shine through. Don’t copy other speakers. Let your voice be heard loud and clear. When you truly engage others with your authentic self, you’ll see big results in your booking totals.
  2. Be Brief on Your Bio: Be “brief” on purpose. Include enough to demonstrate your expertise, but stay humble. Arrogance is not going to get you gigs. Be humbly affirmative in putting your best self forward. Since proposals get scanned by busy planners’ eyes, the longer it is, the less will get read. Less is More. You’re not telling them everything thing, resist that urge, and remember, you’ll get their attention here and invite them to learn more and see you in action on your website and social media.
  3. Audience Specific Topics: Showcase what you can do for their audience, not methods, tools or processes. Keep it short, concise. A bullet list showcasing the benefits for the audience participants is what you’re after. Lead with verbs so they “pop.” Be clear, short and very specific to show how you will solve and address their audience’s problems or challenges. 

You must take the time to do your research and customize your proposal for each planner. They’re looking to see if you truly understand them, their audience, their needs as a busy planner who is under tremendous pressure and the needs of their attendees. You need to prove that you have them front-of-mind by being specific and addressing each point they carefully laid out in the RFP.

*Planner Pet Peeve Alert! Reading through a proposal that misses key criteria in the RFP. Your proposal will get tossed without a second thought. Be thorough and detailed to show you care and can meet their requirements. Mention specific and key details to show you read it thoroughly and with an eye for the minutia.

  1. Testimonial: Notice that is singular. Testimonial. Use your most valuable one. Now I know they are all valuable, but use one that carries more weight. If you have one that is a household name use it, if it’s a media outlet, use it. You get the idea. Don’t overload the planner with 10 testimonials. You’ll want to, but resist. Add only one, no more. It will become annoying to the reader if you start piling on the testimonials.
  2. Brand It: Put your “stamp” on your proposal by making it match everything you do. If they go to your website, or see your business card, it should look like a family.  Brand your proposal with your colors, fonts, logo, tag line, etc. Your brand follows you everywhere and on everything! Be sure it’s represented on your proposals, too.

Pulling this all together takes research, time and organization. How best to do it all?

Speaker Proposals

We got you covered!

Use our easy Speaker Proposal Generator for Free 

You get unlimited lifetime use, too, because we want you to book as many events as possible.

Plug in your info in a brief form, click submit, spiff it up and add your logo and you’re all set.

So, how and where do you find this handy time-saving tool?

Easy. Click right here for the Speaker Proposal Generator.