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Sourcing Leads to Find Gigs That Fit - Grow Your Speaking Business

Sourcing Leads to Find Gigs That Fit

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You know that in the Charli Jane Speakers Club, I offer tips, guidance, advice and encouragement for the Member Speakers there, otherwise known with great affection as the “Charli Jane Tribe”.

Something you are also aware of is that we source leads for our Members and share them free of charge or commission – you are aware of that, right?

The Club is celebrating its 15th year this year and we have grown and evolved with the changes in technology and the needs of speakers to stay current and relevant.

One area that has grown significantly is how many leads we source and share each month. We started back in 2005 at only 20 speaking opportunities a month and are now sharing over 400 leads per month! Which is awesome.

Sometimes, it can seem a bit overwhelming when a Member looks at the huge list of leads and contact/event info. Where to start? How will I ever get through all of these? How do I find the ones that are a good fit? We offer strategies to help with all these speaker business growth needs and more.

I’ve developed my simple leads management system with time-strapped and super-motivated public speakers in mind to make it manageable to find the best gigs for you.

Recently, in our Members-Only Group, I shared these quick tips on how to manage your leads and get through them each month. I thought I’d share with you here as well to spread the love a bit wider.

👉  I have a tip for you: If you take some time each day and go through 20 leads (5 x a week) you can get through the 400 leads offered a month.

👉  We broke the leads into sections of 10 and color-coded them to make it easier to go through.

👉  If you can do this and stay dedicated you will find success like our lovely Traci Brown, Fraud Busting Body Language Expert.

Put in the work as our talented Ravi Hutheesing says, “What you put into it is what you get out of it.” 

👉  Keep moving forward, quitting isn’t an option. You started pursuing speaking for a reason. Think about that, why are you doing what you’re doing? Is it to help others, to gain financial freedom, to give back to causes you care deeply about, or your freedom to travel and do the things you love to do?

book speaking gigs

👉  If you go back to your “WHY” this will help motivate you to move forward. Put in the effort it takes to get where you want to be. Once you get some momentum you’re on your way!

🙌 You got this friend and please reach out for help, I’m here for you. The group is here for you.

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