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Make Yourself Memorable to Meeting Planners - Grow Your Speaking Business

Make Yourself Memorable to Meeting Planners

Meeting Planners

You gave an awesome presentation. The audience was engaged, fulfilled and was pleased with the many take-aways they received.

The Meeting Planner was thrilled. You left with a great testimonial and the hopes of being hired again in the future.

That’s awesome! Time to take this one step further. You must keep up with the times and tech changes to utilize the tools to the best of your ability. Remember the importance of being the “purple cow” in the field? Even though you had a brilliant presentation that was definitely a home run, you will want to be sure you are truly remembered.

How do you make sure you are memorable? One idea is to follow up with a thank you post card. I say post card because they are quick and inexpensive. The trick to being memorable is to add a QR code to the postcard. Even a color one, if you like. Either way it will stand out.

When the meeting planner scans the QR code, and they will, it will take them to a page you created specifically for her or him with a video on it to thank them for having you and the great time you had. On the video you not only say thank you, but offer them a 5% (or whatever you choose) discount on the next booking or something that would be of value to them. Keep the video brief, no longer than a quick 2 minutes at most.

The postcard: You can do this one of two ways: My preference would be to mail it no later than a week after the event via snail mail. It will take a bit of effort on your part to make sure you follow through; follow up is crucial, and lucrative.

Another way is to have the postcards made prior to the event. You can do this on your home computer because you will only print a few depending on how many are involved in the event. Hand them out to the Meeting Planner(s) when you leave. If you do this, make sure you mention there is a special thank you for them waiting if they scan the code. Otherwise, it may very well get lost in a pile of after-event paperwork on the meeting planner’s desk.

My preference is strongly in favor of sending them a week later because things have settled down after the event and the Meeting Planner may have more time to read and scan your postcard and watch the video.

Little things make a huge difference and can place you far ahead of the competition.

You can find QR code services by doing a simple Google search. Many are free, some are paid and offer tracking data. To start on a shoestring, use the free service, as the small ads that run on the bottom are not really a bother to many.

If you need assistance, give me a call or email to I am always happy to help.

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