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Part 2: Want to Grow Your Business in 2019, You Gotta Let Go - Grow Your Speaking Business

Part 2: Want to Grow Your Business in 2019, You Gotta Let Go

 Part 2: Want to Grow Your Business in 2019, You Gotta Let Go

Welcome back to my series on letting go and outsourcing those tasks, to-dos, and gotta-get-done that are bogging you down and zapping your energy. As I said in Part 1, the key approach is this:

You outsource. You outsource like mad. You outsource with courage and fearlessness.

And, then… you.let.go.

Remember, when you let go of the things that others can do for you, you’re left with

Time.  Energy.  Creativity.  Intellect.  Success.  Prosperity.

So, the first post was a list of 10 things to outsource, well, really it was only 9 things to outsource. No. 10 wasn’t something you could outsource.

You had to take that one on yourself. How did you do? Get any good results yet?

Hope so.

Let’s keep moving with another list of 12 things this time. Remember, I’m going to give you 52 things, which you can implement over the 52 weeks of 2019, or batch them and bunch them to get a jumpstart.

However you decide to do it, please, just do it.

Do some of it.

Even a 10% change would garner good results.

You’ll see the dividends of returned and rediscovered time that you will invest back into your speaking business to move it forward.

“Here you go, here’s your list – one less thing to do – I’m making your list for you. You’re welcome.”

1. Start interviewing now for a professional to help me with getting my books organized for tax time. Better yet, find someone I trust to do my taxes and put them on retainer for the year to help with bookkeeping, too.

2. Have my bookkeeper set me up with online access to share files, and use my smartphone app to scan and upload my receipts as I get them.

3. Better yet, have my Assistant be the one to upload my receipts for me.

Why am I talking so much about taxes – because you should be thinking so much about them already?

A good pro to help you will be in demand, and if you get on his or her list now, you’ll be golden for April 15th. If you wait much longer than now, you’ll be out of luck.

Okay, back to your list…

4. Hire a pro organizer, or a friend’s responsible teenager, to de-clutter and organize my kitchen. This project can easily eat up a weekend or two. Outsource it, and then sit back and work on something else. Then, be ready to walk into that newly renewed sense of peace in my home’s heart – my kitchen. Things they can do: Sort all expired canned goods, spices, and stuff in my freezer; clean & organize the fridge; take all my cabinet items out and clean the cabinets, then return them in a way that makes the most sense for me and my family; get rid of  (donate, dump, giveaway) worn-out appliances, dishes, towels and utensils. I can always tweak it a bit when they leave, but with a bit of letting go, I might like the new set up. Want it just like you have it, take some snaps before and have them replace things as is.

5. Look into a grocery shopping service and support my local gig economy. Many large grocery chains offer free shopper services and delivery for either a nominal charge, or free with certain items purchased, too.

6. Got lots of groups and association meetings, but not a lot of time this month, or next, or ever? Hire a temp who knows shorthand to go for me and take notes, then type them up and email to me. Just ask the group organizers if this is okay with her or him.

7. Hire someone once a month to schedule all my social media posts for me in a batch. Rather than making it a daily or weekly to-do for me or my team, hire a gigster for a few hours to build my schedule for me and upload the posts.

8. Find a Content Curator and give myself a break from trying to come up with 100% original content. Who does that anymore? With a pro curator, I can serve my audience and maintain their attention with very little effort, possibly none at all.

9. Pet lover? Use an at-home grooming service to come to me to tidy up Pooch or Purry and save myself the load up-, travel-, and clean-up-my-car-time involved.

10. Record my thoughts in voice memos and then hire a transcription pro to get them on paper for me. Send that to my copywriter to turn my musings,  ramblings, brainstorms and big ideas into articles, speeches, posts and programs.

There are a lot of items on this list above which, honestly, you could outsource the coordination of, too.

A professional and dependable, self-directed virtual or local assistant can be the hub of most of this for you.

Where you start is up to you.

The number one turning point many speakers identify as a game-changer for them in their speaking business career, is the year they started partnering with an Assistant.

Even on a limited part-time basis. Things get better when you get some support.

Whether on-site or virtual or a hybrid relationship, trusting a support pro to help you manage your business and life – and find balance between the two – will be the most important step forward you make this year. So, guess what No. 11 is going to be? You got it!

11. Decide on Virtual, On-Site or Hybrid.

That’s it for now – it’s enough to keep you going forward in some truly impactful ways. Make a promise to yourself that you’ll commit to finding the freedom that comes from having a team you trust. Then, enjoy the time you have newly recovered in your life.

If you need biz support referrals please email and we are happy to refer you to some biz support specialists.

More to come…..

Until next time.

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