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Pin It to Win It

Pin it to Win it

Pinterest, like any other social media platform, can provide an excellent outreach to your target audience and yield excellent ROI of your time if used properly.

Many will ask if it is worth their time to manage yet another Social Media account. My answer is 100% of the time – Yes!

It’s free, so why not right?  It gives you the opportunity to be in front of thousands of people you never would have had a chance to get in front of, unless you are willing to pay thousands of dollars.

I tell my clients that is so important to utilize social media platforms in order to help market yourself. No one will find you if you are are not on Social Media. Adding Pinterest to your social media marketing is another strategy to get yourself out there and “Get Found”.

You should be utilizing any platform you can to let the world know you exist. With so many outlets available for free online its best to take advantage of them while they are still free.

Each social platform is unique and so each allows you to tell your story in a different way. With Pinterest, you can tell your story visually. You can share infographics (very popular). You can share your Members as we do at Charli Jane. We “Pin It” to share our Speakers to help promote them and get them found. Share images that lead back to public speaking tips. You can share images of your blog posts, images of your products, books, webinars and so much more.

Mix it up and create different boards where you share images of things you like, hobbies, places, outdoors, animals and more. This helps make the connection with your viewer and lets them know you are a “real person” and not just a faceless person behind the company.

Pinterest can be a bit of a time-consuming program to master, but if you go through it, one-step at a time, you can do it. You will soon be discovering what it can do for you and your business. I think you will be extremely satisfied with the ROI of your time.

Tip: When adding a post always remember to “Pin It” directly from your source or add the URL; otherwise no one will find you. They will enjoy the lovely image you put up. If they want to learn more, and your image does not have a link (or at least a link in the info box), it will not help you get traffic back to your site and information. Then your ROI becomes much lower. Add those URLs to your Pinterest posts.

Remember, too, there are excellent Virtual Assistants out there just waiting to help you manage your Social Media campaigns. You can’t do everything, and you should not be trying to. Hire a VA to help get you organized and manage things for you.

Happy Pinning!

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