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Professional speakers send press releases! - Grow Your Speaking Business

Professional speakers send press releases!

press release

Send Press Releases

The gold mine for free advertising! Choose a HOT topic. Market your services and products in light of that product. Be sure, always, to title your press release with an attention-grabbing headline. Holding a seminar soon on EEO rights and your company’s domestic partner coverage? “Diversity Workshop to be Held December 15th: There are a variety of websites where you can – for free or very inexpensively – place your press release yourself. For newspaper and printed media, be prepared to follow-up on your submission with calls and emails (“Did you receive my press release?”).

If you are looking for a list of press release sites where you send for free send me an email and I will be happy to send you the list so you can get started!

Do you have a press release success story? Do share we would love to hear how submitting press releases has helped your business grow.