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My Top 5 Marketing Strategies for 2018

In this blog post I share my top 5 marketing strategies which have helped Charli Jane Speaker Services grow the most in 2018: Developing and sharing more content via blogs and podcasts and videos Stepping out more on a personal level with my people so they can get to know me better and trust me […]

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6 Milestones for a New Public Speaker

When you’re serious about becoming a paid speaker, these are the checkpoints that event planners look for — they don’t want to hire someone fresh out of the gate unless they’re really serious and carry through. If you have all of these “ducks in a row” then you’re showing that you’re really serious about becoming a […]

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The Speakers Call to Action

A great Call to Action immediately conveys to your website visitors — hopefully event planners and people searching for an amazing speaker — what the next step is in getting to know you better. Every piece of content should have a Call to Action that is appropriate for the audience of the content, and seems […]

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5 Growth Hacks for Speakers

5 Growth Hacks for Speakers Are you looking for tips to grow your speaking business quickly?  As a speaker its important for you to be seen and heard everywhere, to constantly (and consistently) build awareness and listenership. Build a strong platform and showcase yourself as an expert to work your way to a booked schedule […]

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