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Public speakers media room - Grow Your Speaking Business

Public speakers media room

Speakers media room

Have an online public speakers media room to save the planner time

Hurry. Hurry. Hurry, that’s the norm for most media professionals and meeting planners. Most are in a hurry, busy and need an expert quickly and one they can find and hire without any hesitation. So, it’s your job to make them feel confident in hiring you as the expert, it’s your job to showcase and provide material online that will lead them to make the right decision with confidence and no hesitation.

How do you do this? Well, besides providing an awesome website that speaks directly to your audience, one that’s not overcrowded with “Fluff” and a bunch of “Blah” and one that is genuine and portrays your own uniqueness you need to have a page titled, “Media Room” and in that public speakers media room you need to showcase anything “Media.”  What this does is put in the mind of the viewer (hiring party) that you are the expert, that you know what you’re talking about and you have the perfect message to share with their audience. Your media room shows that if you’re good enough to be interviewed by so and so then you’re good enough to get in front of their audience and share your message without any hiccups. This gives the media or hiring party such an ease of mind and helps them make the right decision and a quick one in hiring you.

So, what kind of things should be in a public speakers media room? Some speakers get confused with a meeting planner page and a media room page. Below are a few things you can add to your media room and remember if you only have one or two things to add at first that’s ok because you will add to your media room as you go along so don’t hesitate to create one because you feel you don’t have enough information to add to it…just do it and add as you go.

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