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Speakers, Is Your Story Above the Fold? - Grow Your Speaking Business

Speakers, Is Your Story Above the Fold?

Charli Jane Speakers

Having your story, your message, above the fold can get you hired or passed over for a speaking event.


Ok, you got my attention Wendi, so what the heck are you talking about? What fold and where?

I’m going to tell you, Friend. This is a very important nugget of information you want to take action on right away if it applies to you. So read on…

I’ve been working with Speakers and Planners for almost 2 decades and one thing I know for sure is the frustration Speakers feel when they are not getting booked. That’s an obvious thing for a speaker. But what about this? What about the frustration of Planners going to your website and they search and search and then they can’t find what it is that you do?

What do they do? They give up and move on – click and they are gone. 

You have only a few seconds, truly, to get and hold their attention on your website and this tip is going to help you turn that scrolling nightmare you’ve built into a sticky spot that holds them and makes them want to find out more. (Sorry, it’s tough love time folks, and I know that this is ringing true for a lot of you.)

When I say have your story above the fold, what I mean is that on your website, a visitor shouldn’t have to scroll more than half a scroll on their mouse to know what you do, who you serve and what you are about at your core.

That’s it – half-a-scroll. To be honest, I wouldn’t want them to scroll at all, but that can be hard to gauge with all the different resolutions and sizes of screens these days. So, just try to use this good rule of thumb (pun intended) and make sure to minimize any required scrolling. Test it out, have your friends and family help, too. Gather feedback from those you trust first, then make it live for Planners and decision-makers. Remember, you are trying to grab the attention of some of the busiest people in the world who have high-pressure jobs – Meeting Planners. You’ve got to think like they think and meet their needs first. That is how you get booked.

That’s it. This little tweak you can easily stop a planner in their (mouse-) tracks to spend enough time learning more about you – and how to contact you & book you – instead of going on to the next speaker’s website on their list.

Charli Jane Speakers

What does mine say? Here is an example: 

My name is Wendi McNeill, founder of Charli Jane Speakers® and a Platform Building Strategist for Speakers.  I help Speakers who are struggling to grow their business and get booked by providing growth strategies and speaking opportunities so they can achieve a booked speaking schedule.

It can be like that or 👇

My name is Wendi McNeill, founder of Charli Jane Speakers® and I help Speakers achieve a booked speaking schedule.

Either one, depending on space and design, will work. Each tells the reader who you are and what you do.

I have answered your number one question: How can this person help me? I have done it succinctly and in the space you can (mostly) easily read – no mouse or swipe required.

How about you? What’s above the fold on your website? 

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