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The Speakers Website Call to Action - Grow Your Speaking Business

The Speakers Website Call to Action

Did you know most web visitors want you to tell them what to do next?

They want to take a journey with you and so it’s important to take their hand and lead them where you want them to go.

This is especially important for speakers who are growing their business to achieve a booked speaking schedule.

When they land on your website, what do they do next? They are looking for you to tell them.

It’s true.

And if you don’t, they will most likely head to the next speaker’s website that may take them on a journey to a booked event.

OK, Wendi, I have an opt-in, isn’t that good enough for telling them what to do?

Nope, it’s not good enough, and it’s not the same thing as the CTA either.

Many will mistake a CTA (Call to Action) for their freebies such as “sign up for my challenge, course, or free training.” Yes, those can help build your email list, and they are definitely a must-have.  

That’s not the same as your taking your visitor/the meeting planner/client whoever lands on your website through the steps of getting to know you so it will make the hiring/buying decision all that much easier for them.

Here are 50 good examples of a Call to Action.

Think about it this way:

I land on the homepage of your website and I’m thinking about how to hire you for my event. Right there above the fold, you have an attractive tagline and a clear message on what you do and who it is that you serve.

This intrigues me to read more and I noticed a bright green, yellow, blue, button (do not use black or red!) that says “Watch me in Action” or “Click to Watch Sally Speaker Here.” 

Yes! I do want to see you in action, so I click it. This takes me to a video (Tip: keep the video on your website because you don’t want to take them down the rabbit trail across the web). I watch the video and absolutely love it!

I want more.

I want to continue the journey with you. I’m connecting. So after that video, you have another button that says, “Watch More” or “Download my Onesheet” or “Click to Chat”.

See where you are going with this? You’re laying out the stepping stones that lead them from your landing or home page right through to how to book you on the same visit.

It’s the golden path towards a solidly booked speaking schedule for you. And it’s okay to get a bit bossy when it comes to building your business by getting found. 

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