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Has COVID Changed the Speaking Industry Forever?

Has COVID Changed the Speaking Industry Forever? A Huge shift is taking place. This isn’t news to any of us. How it is affecting the speaking industry might be news to you. My thoughts on this, after working with planners and speakers for almost two decades, is that this major shift we have seen over […]

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The Speakers Website Call to Action

Did you know most web visitors want you to tell them what to do next? They want to take a journey with you and so it’s important to take their hand and lead them where you want them to go. This is especially important for speakers who are growing their business to achieve a booked […]

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The Speakers Call to Action

A great Call to Action immediately conveys to your website visitors — hopefully event planners and people searching for an amazing speaker — what the next step is in getting to know you better. Every piece of content should have a Call to Action that is appropriate for the audience of the content, and seems […]

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