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5 Growth Hacks for Speakers

5 Growth Hacks for Speakers Are you looking for tips to grow your speaking business quickly?  As a speaker its important for you to be seen and heard everywhere, to constantly (and consistently) build awareness and listenership. Build a strong platform and showcase yourself as an expert to work your way to a booked schedule […]

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8 Ways to Improve Your Speaking Platform

To open doors to more speaking engagements, build a stronger speaking platform.  The more credibility and visibility you have, the more doors will open for you, leading to more and more opportunities, and a fully booked schedule every year. There’s an easy way and a hard way to do everything, and for speakers the easy […]

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Using LinkedIn as a Speaking Lead Magnet

Using LinkedIn as a speaking lead magnet. Note: Do Not sell on LinkedIn. It’s considered spammy, people will unfollow you and you could take a chance at ruining the credibility you worked so hard to build.  A great way to avoid “selling” is to ask and answer questions. I’m often asked how to find speaking jobs. It’s […]

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Making Human Connections in the Noisy Twittersphere

Human Connections in a Noisy Twittersphere

We tend to spread ourselves out as far as we possibly can to as many channels as we can when trying to brand our companies or ourselves. Visibility is key, as is a consistent message on these channels. There is a key ingredient I see missing in so many campaigns. Human connections. And it’s only […]

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