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5 Growth Hacks for Speakers - Grow Your Speaking Business

5 Growth Hacks for Speakers

5 Growth Hacks for Speakers

5 Growth Hacks for Speakers

Are you looking for tips to grow your speaking business quickly?  As a speaker its important for you to be seen and heard everywhere, to constantly (and consistently) build awareness and listenership. Build a strong platform and showcase yourself as an expert to work your way to a booked schedule year after year. You can start with these 5 Growth Hacks for Speakers.

Guest blogging – Blog authors always need to come up with new, fresh content to keep readers engaged.  This is an amazing way to get in front of a different audience, build your credibility, visibility and grow your mailing list because you can redirect frequent readers from another blog back to your website which has your lead magnet.

Podcast guest – Reading what you write is one thing — but to really convey your passion about your topic, wouldn’t it be even better if an audience could hear you?  Podcast hosts are also always looking for terrific and inspiring guests who are polished, and not nervous around a microphone.  So practice your amazing speaking skills and make sure you’re well-prepared for the questions so you don’t “Uhm…”.

Social media – Be everywhere, all the time. And better yet, make sure that what you say is worth liking and sharing.  Put your most inspiring quotes into images, use live broadcasting at your events, post images of your business card or marketing materials, get the word out there and let people make you viral.

Group Join groups relevant to your expertise, and be helpful — no spam (that’s to say “no blatant self-promotion”). The more helpful you are the more you become the ‘go-to’ expert and people will find you. Go the extra mile and the people you are meant to serve will be attracted to you not only because of your generosity but because you were being “you” in the group, showing up and talking to people — not at them or above them.

Start a Facebook Group – It takes some time to grow your group, but the results are beautiful. To foster a community of folks who need your help and can help each other is an amazing feeling.  This can give you an opportunity to connect with potential fans and amazing people who share your topic interest. It’s a great way to show up, to help, to learn and build life-long relationships. Show up in a big way you will see amazing things happen. I don’t recommend selling to your group or they will start to leave. Just share, offer some free giveaway (lead magnets) and grow your list.

Fold these tactics into your normal business practices so you can attract new clients, gigs and more sales.

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