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Speaking Success

One Powerful Change to Make Yourself Crash Proof

A lot of times I write about the nuts-n-bolts of running your speaking business and building your speaking platform. Speaker websites. Managing & finding leads. Hiring your speaker support team. And for good reason. You have to focus on those two areas of your career, business & platform, to create a solid place to launch […]

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My Top Marketing Strategies

My Top 5 Marketing Strategies for 2018

In this blog post I share my top 5 marketing strategies which have helped Charli Jane Speaker Services grow the most in 2018: Developing and sharing more content via blogs and podcasts and videos Stepping out more on a personal level with my people so they can get to know me better and trust me […]

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Is Your Niche and Audience Creating Crazy Success

Is Your Niche and Audience Creating Crazy Success?

Win Speaking Gigs with a Niche Step into the shoes of a conference organizer.  The overall conference topic is autism.  You need a keynote presenter that will attract both parents and doctors, and you have a nice handsome speaking fee set aside so that you can afford to get an expert related to your topic. […]

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4 Simple Steps to Grow Your Public Speaking Biz As A Guest Blogger

4 Simple Steps to Grow Your Public Speaking Biz As A Guest Blogger

Stepping out into the online world to launch yourself into a people-reaching and audience-helping business is thrilling, and risky, and scary.It’s all you and all you all the time.  When I launched Charli Jane Speaker Services almost two decades ago, I knew I had enough business sense and understanding already to get things set up […]

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