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My Top 5 Marketing Strategies for 2018 - Grow Your Speaking Business

My Top 5 Marketing Strategies for 2018

My Top 5 Marketing Strategies for 2018

In this blog post I share my top 5 marketing strategies which have helped Charli Jane Speaker Services grow the most in 2018:

  1. Developing and sharing more content via blogs and podcasts and videos
  2. Stepping out more on a personal level with my people so they can get to know me better and trust me more easily
  3. Revamping and adding to our membership site
  4. Growing our fantastic Facebook groups
  5. Leading more with my head instead of my heart – okay, well, with the same amount of heart, but making room for more heads-up decisions, too

1. I’ve encouraged my readers, Members and followers for years in terms of making sure they have fresh, helpful and engaging content in their outlets. Sometimes, I’m so busy in my encourager role for others, the content creator in me gets pushed back a bit too far. So, this year, I refocused my energies on reaching out again through my blog, podcast and videos to share again like I did way back in the day. It was a key strategy to building awareness and a positive online presence for Charli Jane Speakers and it will work for you, too.

2. People who know me well will tell you that I’ve been really stepping out of my comfort zone on this one. I am not an in-front-of-the-camera-person by nature, and so being more present in pics and vids is a stretch for me. I have to say, though, that it has become one of my favorite activities now, mainly because I can feel the connections being made on a deeper level. That makes me deeply happy, too. I got into this business to connect, and sharing of myself and life in this way has fed that desire for connection in ways I just couldn’t have imagined. Plus, it has helped my business grow. Online marketing is awesome! But, it’s also risky, so putting a face (and voice) to the presence I have built online for the past 16+ years has boosted biz tremendously in 2018.

3. My team and I decided that the membership site just wasn’t quite clicking (sorry, website pun, couldn’t resist), so we decided to revamp it. We took on the task of revisiting some of our key site interfaces and experiences to make things smoother, friendlier and more efficient for our users. We streamlined and pared down the onboarding experience for new Members. We updated the look and feel of the site with better graphics and navigational links that are more intuitive. And most of all, we polled and reached out to the users to see what they needed and wanted to see. We paired away some of the things that weren’t being used and put our focus on things that we knew would help speakers get the most out of their memberships with us. It took most of the year to roll out gradual changes, but the investment of time, talent, money and vision has resulted in membership growth and retention rates that have been higher than ever.

4. One of the most exciting things to happen this year was the growth I’ve seen in our free Facebook group, Grow Your Speaking Biz. It’s not wide open, people still have to be approved to join, because we want people in there who are truly trying to make their speaking careers happen and eh-hum, grow their speaking biz; but we have been so blessed to see people joining from all over the world. Even better, the group is filled to overflowing with people who are giving more than they are taking and helping each other out – selflessly. It’s a beautiful thing to behold – and be a part of. It’s pretty humbling when you see how people reach out to one another in a non-competitive fashion just to help each other “make it” in the same business. I’m super proud of this group, and my private Members-only group, for this very reason.

5. Hey, I’ll admit it, I’m a big softie. It’s difficult for me to walk the talk sometimes and make difficult business decisions. I don’t like to do anything that might offend or hurt someone. (I am a Minister’s daughter after all.) But, sometimes, things So, I started listening to the coaching of some key people who helped me lead more in balance between heart and head. I was afraid if I was more on the head-side of things, I’d lose myself, but the opposite is true. Because I was standing more firmly on some issues and decisions that were energy and happiness drainers, I had the boost back in my creative life to get more of what I love doing done. That translated into a boon for my business because a freedom of spirit and lightness of heart is contagious and attractive.

These are the biggest things I did in my business this year and they have paid off well for me. Which, in turn, means more benefit for my Members and my Team. I like to spread the happiness around as much as possible. I like to spoil people. I like people to know they are valued and appreciated. Hey, it’s what I do, with all my heart.

Remember to hop on over to our Speakers Facebook group “Grow Your Speaking Biz’ here.

Wishing all the best for you and your business in 2019 and beyond.

With Gratitude,



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