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Use feedback forms to form lucrative relationships - Grow Your Speaking Business

Use feedback forms to form lucrative relationships

Public speaking feedback forms

How many speakers and workshop leaders are using feedback forms?

The majority of speakers still use them today in some way. Whether it is via hard copy passed out before, during or after the event or via an electronic form sent during the presentation. Feedback forms are a vital information and leads gathering vehicle.

While the main reason for your feedback form is to evaluate your presentation for next time, there is yet another use for them.

Generally, we want to find out how we did and what the participants felt about our presentation. This is going to shine light on how our speech was, how we presented it, the perceived value, if they would attend again, if there might be anything they feel we could have shared or done better, and so forth.

I love good feedback and constructive comments from my clients and customers. It keeps me on my toes. I do have one main objective in mind when creating a win-win feedback form. Win for you and win for the participant.

The main objective for your feedback form in this article is to drive traffic to your website.

To do this, you add a QR code to your feedback form. Most people will scan it just out of curiosity whether you add something to entice them on the form or not. (I suggest you definitely add a pull factor, something that creates urgency, for them to scan the code.)

The QR code should have one main function. Rather than having them land on a random page on your site, instead, be sure to take them back to your opt in page (sign up box) which offers a great free- giveaway. It’s important to direct them when utilizing that QR code to a page that will give them something free, something of value in exchange for their name and email. This will, as most of you know, build your mailing list, which you know I count as one of your greatest assets for your business.

The reason to do it during the presentation while they are still in their seat is because they are still “feeling” and they are still “connecting” with you from your talk and they will want more of you if you did a good job. People love capturing links in their smartphones to bookmark for later. QR codes makes that simple for them to do.

You can get a QR code from any service online through a Google search. Many are free, some are paid, but I would try the free initially when you’re on a tight budget, as the small ads that run on the bottom aren’t really a bother to people.

Two Tips:

  1. When creating your forms, keep them as short as possible. People may have liked you but don’t want to fill out lengthy forms. Ask only a few key questions and that’s it. Give open space for free comments.
  2. Hand out the form (or bring along someone to do this or ask the planner) in the middle or near the end of the presentation. You are starting to wind down and so you can lose a few minutes of their attention to quickly turn to the form. You have your audience in their seats so you can ask them to fill it out and leave as they exit. If you ask them to do it after your talk, many are in a such a rush to get going after the event, that they either hurriedly go through it not really giving it any thought. These people will not take the time to scan your QR code and sign up for your giveaway. It’s best to do it near, but definitely before, the end. At the end of the talk remind them to scan the QR code for a special gift just for them before leaving the forms on the table.

Something so simple and quick can make a major difference in your ability to drive traffic to your website. Traffic equals people, visitors, viewers. This simple addition gives you more chances to turn these people into customers by building more and more lucrative relationships.

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