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5 Tips to Seriously Rock Your Speaker Onesheets - Grow Your Speaking Business

5 Tips to Seriously Rock Your Speaker Onesheets

Rock your Speaker Onesheet

Add media logos to your speaker onesheets Be proud of your accomplishments and showcase them. This gives you instant expert status and opens doors of opportunity.

Smile, please! When a planner looks at speaker onesheets their first glimpse is of the images you share. If you look grouchy or not smiling it’s perceived as not being very friendly. That is the first impression you give. Spice it up, have a fun image, a smiling image, an action image to show your personality. It will make a good lasting impression.

Add your client list Even if it’s only a couple it’s important to jot down where you’ve been. Planners want to see who else has hired you.

Brand your onesheets You always want your brand to follow you so it would be no different on your speaker onesheets. Colors, titles, book/s, taglines. The whole look and feel should connect fully with your brand.

Add your social media sites. Planners want to know what kind of person you are, so they investigate. They look to see how you interact on social media. Plus, they have more options of contacting you. So share as many as you have and don’t forget the URL. Just use the backend because many URLs are too long for speaker onesheets. So, for instance, instead use /CharliJaneSpeakers under or next to the Facebook logo. People will know what it means.

There are many important elements that make speaker onesheets professional and attractive. The tips above will help get you started. Most importantly, don’t wait, it’s one of the most powerful marketing tools you can have on hand and available on your website. Planners expect to find this on your website. Get it done.

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