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7 Features That Should be Included in All Speaker Videos - Grow Your Speaking Business

7 Features That Should be Included in All Speaker Videos

7 Features That Should be Included in All Speaker Videos

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 By putting yourself on film, you allow planners and event organizers to get a glimpse of who you are, assess your speaking style, and visualize you speaking at one of their events. 

These one to three-minute-long videos can make the difference between regular speaking gigs and struggling to find enough opportunities to sustain your business, so you’ve got to get it right.

To help you do just that, I’ve put together a list of seven features that you should include in all of your speaker videos. Some of these items are more important than others, but I recommend including as many as possible. 

1. Include Different Angles 

The whole point of these videos is to capture and subsequently maintain a decision maker’s attention. A single-angle video is unlikely to achieve that, so it’s essential to film yourself speaking on stage from several different angles. 

Yes, this will take more cameras and more time spent on setup. Still, it will make your speaker video look ten times more professional while delivering a much more engaging viewing experience. 

2. Make Sure You Have a Clear Sound and Voice 

There’s nothing worse than a promotional video for a speaker with a muffled sound. These planners need to hear you speak clearly, and it’s essential to have high-quality audio so that your voice can be adequately heard over your video’s background music. 

Even if you have a voice that carries well, it’s always a great idea to wear a mic as it gets rid of any interference, background noise, and echoes. 

3. Include Props

Props are often forgotten in speaker videos, but they play an essential role in generally breaking up your speaking space. These props can be anything from a chair to a plant. The point is to include something that isn’t you to set your speaking space off and make it “pop.” 

While a prop may not seem vital, it can make a surprising difference. So if you’re speaking for free, see if the event planner has anything available that could be used as a prop. 

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4. Add Background Music

While planners need to hear you speak clearly, a video that has nothing but the sound of your voice is not only dull, but it’s also unprofessional. You need to choose background music to add to your intro, testimonials, and outro segments to make them more engaging, and possibly a few of your speaking clips too. 

I wouldn’t recommend any music that is loud or in your face, as it will detract from you and overtake your voice. Instead, opt for softer music that matches the overall tone of the video and keep the volume at that music low during speaking segments. 

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5. Choose Several Different Clips

A classic mistake some speakers make is making their speaking section of the video all one clip. This is a mistake. Not only is it monotonous, but it’s also not likely to show you in your best light. 

So make sure to cut several clips together when putting together your speaker video (from different locations if you can). It will make you look a lot more professional and deliver a much-improved viewing experience. 

6. Include Testimonials 

Testimonials are vital in the speaking business, and so you need to include them within your speaking video. Please don’t make the mistakes of adding too many, though, or making them too long. No one wants to read a paragraph during a video. Just a few short lines from each client will be just fine. 

You don’t need to add more than three clients to this section of your video. Otherwise, your viewers will begin to switch off. Hit them with a few lines from each of your biggest clients (with their logo), and then quickly move on. 

7. Include a Strong Call To Action

The whole point of your speaker video is to make your target audience take action. This video is merely the first touchpoint of a journey you will take them on. So make sure you finish your speaker video with a solid call to action (CTA) that instructs your viewers on what their next step should be. 

It could be that you want them to go and watch more videos of you in action, or perhaps you want to send them to your planner page to view your credentials. Whatever the destination, you need to make sure you take them on that journey. 

Lastly, make sure to have one CTA in the middle of the video, too, as many planners might only make it halfway through. 

Include These Features to Give Your Speaker Video the Best Chance of Success

As your most prized marketing asset, you should commit all the resources you can to make the best speaker video possible. By including all of the seven features above, you stand a much better chance of wowing event planners and receiving inquiries for your speaking services. 

If you want to learn more about what goes into the perfect speaking video, why not get advice from other speakers who use theirs to land leads and opportunities on a daily basis? We have a fantastic private Facebook group full of experienced speakers swapping hints and tips for speaking success. 

Grow Your Speaking Biz is free to join today, and we can’t wait to see you in there!

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