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Marketing Material Madness - Grow Your Speaking Business

Marketing Material Madness

It’s nowhere near March, but it is definitely time for some madness. Time for some Spring cleaning, too – even though we’re into September now. What are we going to get to madly cleaning, you ask? Your marketing materials, that’s what.

Because let’s face it, time for some tough love here, some of the stuff you’ve been putting out there is getting tired. You’ve been riding on its momentum for far too long and it’s stagnated. You may not even realize it, either, because I get it, you’re super busy. And hey, this stuff worked for you 5 (10, 15 – yikes) years ago and got you gigs, so why change it now?

Here’s why … because Planners want you to be current, up-to-date and accessible to their attendees and in this biz, people are looking for brand new rather than tried-and-true more often than not. Sure, your experience and wisdom is valuable, but if it’s being packaged in what worked for you in the 90s or 2000s, it is time for a long overdue update.

The DVDs, CDs, long boring bios, and folders full of “way too much stuff” for a Planner to possibly look through … It all needs to go. It’s weighing you down and keeping you stuck.

To be blunt, if it isn’t read, it’s a waste of money (print and postage) and many times it all sits gathering dust on the Planner’s shelf or possibly (most likely) just goes straight into the trash.

The successful Speaker’s promotional material is ALL online now and is easy to download. Most Planners are saving things digitally and sharing with their decision teams. People are no longer printing for the sake of accumulating stacks of paper files. They want links, and digi files and emails they can categorize and share.

Your online and digital marketing material needs to shine declaring the professional you are with a clear message that shouts “I am an ‘Expert!’ and am here to make your event a standout.”

A great first impression in this case is essential – and to be honest, really all the chance you’re going to get to grab that gig. So make that impression the absolute best it can be.

Have your # 1 marketing tool handy at all times, your Speaker OneSheet. Have a few hard copies, just in case (I guess), but it may never get out of that folder you insist on carrying. More importantly, have it readily available for download on your website. Add a link in your email signature. Share it on social. Put it on your Google drive so you can text it or email it from your phone when you meet someone. Just get that link out as much as possible.

TIP: Make sure it’s a PDF so your carefully designed OneSheet will be delivered without the fonts replaced by the viewer’s system. Some fonts aren’t universal to all browsers, so make sure you have a clear PDF that will load for the person who clicks that link.

Another important key element in your marketing material is an eye-catching, professional video. It should be easily available for the visitor to view and download to share. This is important and one of the first things the hiring party will be looking for. The Planner will want to see you in action. Again, be sure this is a good quality video in which you look professional, at ease and enjoying a connection with your audience. It’s better to have a solid 2 minutes, than any amount of minutes of boring, fuzzy out of focus video from 4 years ago. Have it ready on your phone, too, of course.

To make it the easiest of all for the Planners you’re trying to connect with, have all your current marketing material in one location on your Speaker website. One link in your top navigation menu that opens a page specifically made for Planners. If they have to dig to find this material, they most likely will not. They have to pour through 1000s of submissions sometimes, especially for the big gigs with the nice paydays, so make it super easy for them. Declutter and direct them to only your digital materials that will help them start seeing you in front of their audience. You can add other stuff elsewhere, put your Planner page better be laser focused.

Remember, sometimes your best foot forward leaves only a digital footprint. Be sure that it is current, clearly laid out and leaves the very best impression with potentially paying Planners.

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