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Why Your Title Should Be the First Thing You Focus On - Grow Your Speaking Business

Why Your Title Should Be the First Thing You Focus On

The Speakers Title

Get this right and your ahead of the pack and well on your way to getting booked! In this post I teach you how to attract the hiring party by your title and taglines.

This is one of the first things they will see when they look at your speaker onesheet, your bio, signature line, your website and social channels.

What do you want to be known for?

Don’t use general titles like, Professional Speaker and Author. You want people to read your title and know without a doubt what you do.

I work with planners and organizers all the time, and from this work I have learned that the speakers who are most successful are not generalists.

They are dynamic professional experts with a very narrow focus on specific, highly defined, key information.

For example, if you speak on sales, then make your focus ‘Sales Only’.

Do not try to do “sales”, “leadership and team-building,” “time leveraging” expert.

Choose something like Direct Sales Expert, Linkedin Groups expert, Team Building expert for the Healthcare Industry (if you want to work with one industry) Personal Branding Expert and so on.

  • Pick a title for yourself and stick to it.
  • Spend some time on this.
  • Once you have it, keep it.
  • Don’t keep changing it because it causes confusion.
  • Consistency builds trust.

Choose your tagline well because you don’t want to keep changing it. Remember consistency and longevity are key to building a strong brand.

For example, since 2002 Charli Jane Speakers ® tagline has always been, “Opening Doors of Opportunity for Speakers since 2002

Really think on this one unless you already have a tagline.

Let it follow you everywhere and on everything, make sure it’s not too long and very clear in what you do.

You do not want any confusion because a confused buyer/reader doesn’t buy or hire.

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