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Mastering Unity in Your Speaker Marketing -

Mastering Unity in Your Speaker Marketing

Mastering Unity in Your Speaker Marketing

Those who’ve already worked with me will know that I firmly believe speakers are marketers first and speakers second. You’ll get nowhere in the speaking industry without a consistent focus on your speaker marketing efforts.

The problem is that many speakers, in their effort to be everywhere all at once, are a little all over the place.

There’s no UNITY in their speaker marketing.

For example, their Facebook page might look great, but their website is outdated and lacks blog content, their email marketing is inconsistent, and their branding is all over the place across different social platforms.

However, to be successful as a speaker, you must ensure your content is on point and CONSISTENT across the board.

I’m sorry, but there’s no way around it.

But you might think, “So what if my Instagram is a little jazzier and updated more often than my website? Why does it matter?”

So let’s examine what I mean by “unity” in your speaker marketing and explain why it matters.

From Chaos to Cohesion: Mastering Unity in Your Speaker Marketing

Here are the minute marks that cover highlights in this episode: 

What is Unity in Your Speaker Marketing?

(05:51) Probably the best way to describe unity in the context of your speaker marketing is by having consistency across all of your marketing channels. 

And I mean ALL of your channels. 

In short, whether someone receives a brochure as part of your direct marketing campaign or comes across your LinkedIn profile, it should be obvious that both marketing channels are unquestionably YOU.

From the brand colors to the tone of voice you use, every potential touchpoint of your business should be consistent to create a unified feel for all your speaker marketing materials.

So why is this important?

Why Unity in Your Speaker Marketing is So Important

(06:52) Event planners and potential clients should never be confused – but that often happens when social channels both look and feel different from the website and email marketing campaigns.

Remember, they want to know precisely what they will get if they book you. If you send mixed messages through your speaker marketing, they will be confused and less likely to book you for a speaking slot. 

When you offer unity with your speaker marketing, you help build trust. With consistent content, you can start to build Know Like Trust (KLT) factors, which are essential to success in any industry.

By ensuring you’re unified across the board with your marketing efforts, you ease any anxiety they might have about securing your services for a speaking engagement and help build more clarity regarding your message.

In other words, you give decision-makers precisely what they want by building unity across your marketing efforts.

How to Bring Unity to Your Speaker Marketing

(08:38)  Before you panic, realize that it might not take as much effort as you might think to bring everything into one singular speaker marketing strategy.

The best place is to start by deciding what your “thing” is. You might have already discovered it and run with it on specific channels. If so, great. Just start incorporating it into ALL of your channels to create that unity we’ve been discussing.

If you’re sitting there wondering what I mean by “thing,” I’m talking about what separates you from the others. And no, it’s not just your niche. Yes, you should be the go-to expert for a very specific topic, but you need more than that.

It could be that you’re very casual in your tone across your website, socials, and written speaker marketing materials. Maybe you use bold electric colors for your branding, or perhaps you insert personal videos into every possible marketing format to cement that human connection.

It doesn’t matter what “it” is. The point is to own it and stamp it on absolutely everything. Your aim is to give your clients the same start to their booking journey – no matter how they discovered you.

Once you’ve nailed down your unique brand voice, colors, and tone, the next step is to start rolling it out across the board.

My advice here is simple: take care of one speaker marketing channel at a time.

So if your Facebook page and post content is on point, start replicating it on LinkedIn. Once LinkedIn has been taken care of, move on to bring your website in line with your social channels, and so on. 

By tackling one element at a time, you can ensure you don’t get overwhelmed and give up because you’re trying to do everything simultaneously.

It may take months to get everything on the same page, but once you do it, it’ll be a breeze to keep it consistent across your entire business.

Unity in Speaker Marketing Gives You What You Need to Succeed: Consistency and Clarity

(12:25)  Hopefully, you now understand the importance of unity in the context of your speaker marketing. With a unified message across ALL of your channels, event planners and decision-makers have the consistency and clarity they need to book you.

Yes, getting all your ducks in a row may take time. But keeping everything uniform will be a cinch once you’ve accomplished this. So invest the time now to reap the benefits later down the road. And don’t wait! Make a start today!

If you’re feeling stuck regarding your speaker marketing, I’ve got tons of resources to help you find your “thing.” From marketing templates to online training courses, head over to my programs section to find a handy resource appropriate for your needs.

There’s also our Breakthrough Public Speakers Facebook Group, with over 3,000 members all sharing hints and tips regarding how to better achieve success as a speaker. So come on over and join us!

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I hope you enjoyed the training episode. 

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Keep Inspiring! – Wendi xo

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