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Top 10 Ways a Speaker can Use QR Codes - Grow Your Speaking Business

Top 10 Ways a Speaker can Use QR Codes

Top 10 Ways a Speaker can Use QR Codes


Top 10 Ways a Speaker can Use QR Codes. There are many creative and effective ways to use a QR code for your business. Whichever you choose be sure and have a goal in mind.  When people scan the code you can send them wherever you like. Perhaps an opt-in page, website, social network, a book review, your demo video, a discount, a contest page or thank you page. Here are just a few ideas…

  1. Add a QR codes to your business cards
  2. Add a QR code to your Speaker Onesheet
  3. Add a QR code on your thank you postcard that takes the planner back to a page with a video you created specifically for them to say thank you.
  4. Increase your social following by adding QR codes that instantly take the viewer back to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  5. Add QR codes to your marketing materials such as a postcard, bookmarks or brochure
  6. Add a QR code to your book (inside cover or preferably back cover) or add one to your product packaging. The link can take then to an opt-in page or just a helpful resource page.
  7. Add a QR code to your feedback forms, very effective and introduce the code ¾ way through your presentation. You want them to scan if before they leave.
  8. Add a QR code on your BOR the table that sends viewer to get a discount perhaps towards your books or product sales
  9. Add a QR code on your handouts
  10. Add a QR code on an index size paper, print and place on every seat before the participants get there. It can say Scan me for a Surprise.

Just remember wherever you put the QR code have an objective in mind. Is it to simply say thank-you, is it meant to draw them to a video, sales page or an opt-in page to help grow your mailing list, possibly some testimonials for them to review or even your book on Amazon.

Let me make mention, and this may seem the obvious however, I have seen users start adding QR codes to their marketing material and not have their website optimized for mobile…oops! QR codes are used mostly on smartphones so of course it only makes sense to have your website optimized for mobile.

Be very specific in where you send them and have a call to action. If it’s cluttered with too much content, ads, etc. they will leave.

The most useful positioning of QR codes have been for instant actions purposes:  Scan to like, to download, to view, scan to listen, to get a discount code, etc.

Remember when a user scans they expect something to happen.

Please do not put your QR code on your website or in your email, this will make no sense as the viewer can just as easy click a link and if they are viewing on their phone they obviously will not be able to view and scan at the same time with the same device.

There are many useful and effective ways. Get creative, stand-out and be memorable.

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