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Attract the Best Speaking Engagements with Sample Videos - Grow Your Speaking Business

Attract the Best Speaking Engagements with Sample Videos

Attract the best Speaking Engagements with Sample Videos

Nothing can help convert a prospect into your next speaking engagement better than well-chosen video segments.  Planners instantly get a sense of your style, how you engage with an audience, and how the audience responds to you and this can be a deal closer.  Spend some time carefully selecting a video segment to highlight your strengths as a professional speaker.

  1. Have you seen me lately?

You have been taking video of yourself, right?  If you’ve been following the instructions in this series, you could have a few small upcoming speaking engagements.  If you don’t have any video footage, bring a friend and a camera or smartphone and a camera stand with an inexpensive attachment.  You can record your audio on your own smartphone at the front of the room while your friend gets your footage.  Anything is better than nothing – it doesn’t have to be expensive or perfect.

  1. Scene Selection

Go through you’re a few of your most recent video files and make note of file names and timestamps where you feel you are particularly on-point, where you got a reaction from your audience, and where you respond to audience input.  Show off your uniqueness.  View your video footage with “planner’s eyes” when you select scenes – what shows your value to the engagement?  You should be well-lit, articulate, and well-balanced in the video frame.  Also make sure that your audio quality is good in the clips and videos you select – that will help even the audio out to be more consistent during video editing.

  1. KISSS – Keep it Short, Simple & Sweet

You’re looking for 4 minutes at maximum.  This isn’t a half-hour long infomercial.   Avoid profanity all costs, and use clips with messages that translate well to your target audience.  Also avoid any clips in which you’re selling something.  You probably only need to go over 1-3 videos, depending on how long they are, to find sufficient footage.

  1. Wow Them!

Put a star * next to any clips you think have the potential to really WOW your prospect.  That should be the clip that goes at the beginning of your sample video.  Something unique, creative, a good laugh, something that gets an outstanding audience reaction.  That will keep them watching your video.  If you have more than one WOW moment, put one at the beginning and one in the middle of your sample video, and save one for the end.  Psychology shows that people remember the first & last best.

  1. If you need help – ask!

You don’t have to do it alone.  Ask a friend to go over the footage with you.  Hire someone to help you edit the footage.  If you know exactly which clips you need in which files, which order you want them it, what type of transition you want between the clips, etc. you will save money and time on the editing process.  There are professionals on Upwork, Fiverr, and other freelancer websites who can help you, as well as local professionals you may meet at the local chamber, Rotary, etc.

Highlighting your Video Samples

It’s become easier than ever to show off video segments of your speaking engagements.  Even a well-placed mobile phone can take good enough footage of an engagement to help you book your next gig.

If your samples aren’t readily available, you might get passed over.  Your sample video and one-sheet should be readily and prominently available, even side-by-side, on your website.

Today’s event planners are looking for you to make it easy for them to screen applicants and presenters. Have a video and Speaker Onesheet available within 1 easy click from your website homepage.

Attract the best Speaking Engagements with Sample Videos

Extra Tips

  • Continue to monitor which video samples you have available to the public and keep them up-to-date, constantly upgrading them every time you have an “on” performance.
  • Have a 3-5 second splash screen, logo or name reveal, or intro for your video.  It’s not entirely necessary, but it’s a good bonus.
  • If you have more than one person recording you, make sure you get multiple camera angles into your videos.  Use these carefully to get a good effect, but be careful not to make the viewer dizzy.
  • If you’re planning ahead, capture angles that have props like plants, and some light background interest rather than sterile backdrops on a dull stage.  You can add plants or items of interest to the stage on-purpose if your event planner is OK with it, to help with mood.
  • Dress to match your audience.  Meet them at their level and you’ll make a better connection.  If you’re at a school, don’t wear a suit.  But if you’re at a graduation you may want to dress more formally.
  • Add a QR code on your Speaker Onesheet that points to your demo video on your website.
  • Share your video on a variety of video platforms:  YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook (direct upload), IGTV, etc. along with a link to the page with your Speaker Onesheet.

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