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Practice Makes Perfect - Grow Your Speaking Business

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

Whether you’re new to professional speaking or very experienced, you can’t get enough practice at your art.  Toastmasters has a tried-and-true program that walks you through the basic, intermediate and advanced stages of preparing and delivering a wide variety of presentations.

  1. Go Local

If you haven’t been there yet, locate, call and find out how to get involved or visit your local Toastmasters chapter.  If you are already a member, make sure you renew, and that you’re prepared to attend the next meeting.

  1. Attend a Meeting

Mark it into your calendar, make sure that you go.  At the very least go as a guest and watch the meeting before you decide whether to join.

  1. Commit

Sign up for 6 months.  It’s inexpensive, and it’s a terrific program.


Toastmasters International is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people become better at public speaking.  Many professional speakers learn, practice and hone their skills through the organization’s rich learning curriculum for preparing and practicing speeches and presentations.

Each week a number of members give short speeches and get encouragement and friendly critiques by their peers.  Members are encouraged to take on leadership roles in their chapters, and there are also opportunities to compete at a variety of local, regional, national & international events.

Toastmasters encourages you to consider your content and presentation in bite-sized pieces and to build habits such as becoming aware of your timing, pitch, movement and more.  It also helps you become a better observer when others are presenting, to notice the nuances of a performance. 

Like any opportunity to get out and network, when you attend Toastmasters meetings you also open the possibilities of referrals, friendships and opportunities.

Practice Makes Perfect

Extra Tips

  • Record your Toastmasters speeches so you have more footage you can use to keep your website video portfolio fresh and interesting.
  • If you’re already a member, make sure you prepare for your next speech and get on the schedule.
  • Keep supporting and encouraging your fellow members because in addition to feeling great, helping others has ways to come back and help you.
  • If you want more opportunities, volunteer to take on a role with responsibilities in your chapter.  It always helps to exercise leadership muscles and put yourself into the spotlight more often.
  • When you complete the first 10 speeches, there are opportunities to pick from advanced booklets that will help you practice the specific             skills you need for the types of presentations you do.

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