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Combating the Complaint - Grow Your Speaking Business

Combating the Complaint

Combating the Complaint

“Don’t complain about the things you can change!”

Heard that one before? Possibly you have and it has been a principal teaching to our four daughters while they were growing up, and even still today. I tell them repeatedly don’t complain about the things YOU can change. Get up and do something about it. You have the power to make a change, find it.

It’s a waste of time and energy and you are the only one that can change a situation if you don’t like it.

Let’s get this straight, you are not helpless.

No one wants to listen to someone complain when they have the power to make that change. All it takes is an action to get moving forward. Complaining does more harm than you realize.

I want you to look at your own life, your own speaking path and ask yourself what you complain about all the time? Be honest, it’s just You and You “talking” amongst yourselves!

I want to challenge you, my friend, take me up on this because it could really change some things in your life and the way your business is going.

The challenge:

  1. Make a list because I’m sure there are more than one thing you complain about on a regular basis.
  2. After you made that list I want you to look it over and prioritize that list and put on top the things that really bother you the most and you honestly feel that you complain about the most.
  3. Once you do that and right next to it put, Today I make a Change. I will not complain any longer and this is the change I will make to move things forward _____________________.

You will need to brainstorm, some things will come naturally to you like complaining you never get any speaking jobs, life stinks and I never get a break.

You list that on your paper and next to it you could put #1 I will change my mindset, #2 I am going to do the following to help build my speaking so those job opportunities will open for me like networking more, reaching out on a regular basis to associations that need my expertise, contacting colleges, reaching out to podcast hosts to see if I can be on their show, or getting my onesheet finally done. Depending on where you are in your life and speaking business will determine what YOU can do to make it happen, to make those opportunities happen.

Complaining actually comes naturally to most of us and sometimes we don’t even know we are complaining until others tell us. Even little things like, “Gee, I’ve been so tired the last couple of weeks” well don’t complain change something to make it better, go to bed at 10 pm instead of 11 pm gives you an extra hour of sleep every night.

Maybe you find yourself complaining about the maintenance crew constantly outside your window mowing and weed eating. Change your mindset and say, I’m thankful for a well-manicured lawn and these hard workers who work out in the sun all day to make it looks nice for me. Then make a change so it doesn’t bother you as much. Pick your stuff up and move to another part of your office, house or whatever space you are in. It is that simple, really.

Ask yourself how can you change the world or make people feel better in life and/or business if you don’t feel good about yourself if you complain your own self… you can’t, this isn’t true authenticity. The truly authentic speakers who are happy with themselves can take negative things in their life and turn them into a positive or eliminate them from their lives are the ones that are most successful, people are naturally attracted to them.

Start today, and knock those things you complain about all the time off your list and out of your life and move forward with a positive change.

For more help in combating the complaint, you can download my free companion guide “Complain No More” worksheet by clicking the image below.

It will walk you through those things that drive you batty, the ones you constantly complain about. Get rid of it start today.

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